Another California lawmaker outed–Lindsey Graham; Aaron Schock fidget nervously.

Apr 15, 2010 · 1985 views

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While Peoria’s US Representative Aaron Schock sticks his hands in his pocket, looks down and shuffles his feet while whistling out of tune, yet another closeted gay lawmaker is outed. This time, once again, in […]


  1. For those of you who are wondering who Aaron Shock is, he’s the sexiest Republican douche bag in a long time.

  2. what?? says:

    i hear democrats and govt agents are infiltrating tea party protests and pretending to be rascists and homophobes to discredit the movement,

    you guys are in for a treat , obama care will FORCE you to buy insurace from those corporations. The same one that backed obamas candidacy. everyone should watch on youtube : the obama deception

    Marc is right, without public option, you health reform is a fraud. there was never going to be universal healthcare. obamas a puppet of the banks. he came out of the chicago school for heavens sake

  3. scribbler says:

    Miss Lindsey is next to be outed. Some of his cohorts in the DC gay club scene are tired of his dancing around and have decided to out him. Just waiting for the right time to do so. Miss Lindsey has been hiding behind a half closed closet door for long enough now.

  4. webby686 says:

    that headline is misleading, lindsey graham is not from california. but yeah, the guy is totally gay.

  5. webby686 says:

    he was totally bottoming for john mccain during the 2008 campaign. metaphorically.

  6. jeremy says:

    yeahhhh he is totaly gay….if yo would just look at his pictures, you can tell that he is gay…he should just come out the closet atnd be gay…i been gay for 4 years know and im lving it…i dont care what anybody saids about it…….

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