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FOF #1960 – Alaska and the Dangers of Being a Drag Queen

A new study reveals that celebrities and famous athletes die sooner than everyone else. You may be better off being a smoker than being as famous as Lindsay Lohan.

Today she-lebrity rock-star Alaska Thunderfuck, one of the top three from Season Five of RuPaul’s Drag Race joins us to take a look at the perils of a career in entertainment and the dangers of being a drag queen.

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FOF #1898 – Jann Klose Wants to Make it Better

Even though he often gets compared to Paul McCartney, Jann Klose’s down to earth style captures a relatable warmth and casual spirit. He was recently featured as the singing voice for Tim Buckley in the film Greetings from Tim Buckley which follows the journey the acclaimed musician Jeff Buckley took in dealing with the legacy of his late musician father.

Today Jann Klose joins us for a live music podcast, playing songs from his new album — Mosaic including “Song to the Siren” written by Tim Buckley.

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FOF #1854 – Everybody Goes to Hollywood

Recently Kristen Studard, one of Chicago’s most celebrated comedians packed up her bags one snowy winter day and relocated to sunny L.A.. And guess what? She loves it!

Today we take a look at some of the myths surrounding the larger than life entertainment mecca that is Hollywood. Is everyone on drugs there? How bad is the traffic? Why are some of these entertainers so damn self-centered?

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FOF #1853 – Diary of a High School Senior

When comedian Joel Kim Booster was 17 years old, his adoptive parents found his diary where he wrote explicitly about having sex with other guys. They reacted like any other conservative Christian parents would- they threw him in the mental ward.

Now, he’s pursuing a career in stand up and challenges his audience about what it is to be gay and Asian.

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Pat Roberston: ”Hatians Made a Pact With the Devil”

Well, you know when disaster strikes, it’s only a matter of time before Pat Roberston blames the people who live there and their lack of love for Jesus. As a New Orleans native, I had […]

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