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FOF #2475 – Don’t Do What Daphne Dumount Does

Daphne Dumount done fucked up drag, but as we’ve said repeatedly, it’s all right, because drag is all about shaking things up or down.

This Saturday, here in Chicago at The Call, Marc’s pulling Daphne Dumount out of storage and putting her to work. But is she really ready for it?

Today, comedian Cody Melcher joins us to to look at common mistakes drag queens make and what are some easy tricks to dazzle the audience into forgetting you’re just a dude in a wig.

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FOF #2309 – Inside All of Us There is A Powerful Drag Queen

Business writer Jackie Huba stood at a TED talk in Vancouver and told the mostly tech crowd “I don’t know if you realize it, but you’re all in drag RIGHT NOW.”

Today Jackie Huba joins us to talk about her endearing TED Talk, “Unleash the Power of your Inner Drag Queen” where she shared her dazzling insights on what makes drag queens such great role models in inspiring confidence in others.

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Peaches Christ Performance at Lausanne Underground Film Festival

Peaches Christ’s performance introducing her movie All About Evil at the opening night of the Lausanne Underground Film Festival.

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Video: Bald Gaga

Everything is covered in hair…except her own head. You are always so creative, Gaga.

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Lady Gaga Inspired by 1952 Black Mountain College ”Event?”

This image came up in my Modern Art class yesterday and of course I couldn’t help but see Lady Gaga.  The progressive Black Mountian College in the mid-twentieth century provided a new and unique structure […]

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Fuerza Bruta

This trailer for Fuerza Bruta doesn’t quite capture the excitement of seeing the live show which is like the love child of Burning Man and Blue Man Group. I felt like I was at an […]

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