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FOF #2963 – Stewart Pearce: The Man Who Taught Lady Diana to Speak

When Diana first entered the spotlight, she was shy and demure but after her divorce she became a strong and charismatic champion as “The People’s Princess.”

But how did she do it? How did she go from someone controlled by the monarchy to a powerful advocate for the people?

Today Princess Diana’s voice and presence coach, Stewart Pearce, joins us to look at how he helped Princess Diana tap into the power within to command an international stage.

In his new book “Diana: the Voice of Change,” Pearce dives deep into his work helping guide people like Princess Diana on how to speak and act in public.

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FOF #1767 – Set Your Status to Fabulous

As the Supreme Court debated Same-Sex Marriage, people all over the internet changed their profile pictures to some version of a pink-on-red equal sign to show support for marriage equality.

Today we’re taking a closer look at social activism on the internet. Will changing your Facebook profile picture do anything for Marriage Equality?

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Princess Diana Hair Jam

An artist has created “occult jam” from Princess Diana’s hair. I wonder how it tastes.

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British Town’s “Diana” Style Funeral for Their Beloved Albino Squirrel

Farewell Snowy the Squirrel! The British town of Dorking in Surrey is mourning the loss of their beloved albino squirrel Albi, also known as Snowy or Percy. Dozens of sad folks have traveled to the […]

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FOF #1039 – Burn the Brief?

Blogger Michael Lehet joins in on stories of our sexy fun convincing straight guys to join a kiss-in. New instruments and a australian fashion underwear company is under fire for an insensitive commercial portraying a solider injured by a land-mine.

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