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FOF #2221 – We Heart the Hemp Lady

It seems kind of crazy but hemp, which is found in home insulation, skin cream and candy bars is still illegal to grow in the United States.

Today we’re joined by hemp advocate Anndrea Herman Listen to talk about the many marvelous uses of hemp and what it’s going to take to legalize it. Plus: the truth behind medicinal cannabis oil.

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ZEUS CHEST! A Chest Worthy of the GODS!

If you struggle with an uneven chest then it is time to switch your routine!  Dumbbells will allow you to activate more muscle fibers and ensure that you are working out each pectoral evenly.  For […]

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New Study Says Protein Drinks May Pack a Poisonous Wallop

A new study by Consumer Reports suggests that many post-workout protein drinks may have dangerously high levels of poisons including arsenic, cadmium and lead.

Um, I’ll take the non-arsenic flavor.

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