FOF #2221 – We Heart the Hemp Lady

Sep 23, 2015 · 1985 views

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It seems kind of crazy but hemp, which is found in home insulation, skin cream and candy bars is still illegal to grow in the United States.

Today we’re joined by hemp advocate Anndrea Herman Listen to talk about the many marvelous uses of hemp and what it’s going to take to legalize it. Plus: the truth behind medicinal cannabis oil.


  1. Hemp is pretty great, but It’s not as cheap/economical to buy as Anndrea implied it to be. You’d need a ton of hemp seeds to grind it down to a butter or make a dip out of it, unless you only wanted to make a small serving of it.

    The thing about Hemp protein vs. Whey protein is that whey has much more protein in it. I use both, but with the hemp protein, I’d have to use 60g(8 tbsp) of it to get the same amount of protein that I’d get from one scoop of whey protein. So if you are a body builder hemp may not be a good replacement for whey because you’d have to go through a ton of it! So I’ll use a little bit of both. Nowadays you can get whey protein that has more natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners which is what I use. Or I’ll do greek yogurt and hemp protein, a nice combo to make your digestive system happy with all that fiber from the hemp and the probitotics from the yogurt.

    They put hemp into all kinds of foods now, but I don’t think I’ve come across any non-food hemp products yet…

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