New Study Says Protein Drinks May Pack a Poisonous Wallop

Jun 4, 2010 · 1985 views

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A new study by Consumer Reports suggests that many post-workout protein drinks may have dangerously high levels of poisons including arsenic, cadmium and lead.

Um, I’ll take the non-arsenic flavor.


  1. webby686 says:

    I really dont understand why supplements are not regulated by the FDA. It’s hard for the average consumer to understand what they are taking. Arsenic!? Cadmium!? Lead!? Mercury!? That’s really scary!!! Though as we can see from the oil spill, maybe gov’t regulation wouldn’t do anything to stop poisons at this point. I’m only going to stick with the products they listed as safe.

  2. Andy says:

    Drink a couple of raw eggs every day and your are fine.

  3. What’s particularly amusing is the amount of protein you need – even heavily working out with weights – is far less than the average American (or other Westernized countryman) generally consumes. Sure, there’s exceptions, but as Andy points out it’s easy to make up.

    Supplements are nearly entirely bullshit. I say nearly, because there are some studies, mostly around fish oil, that suggest some benefit. Most are not and can even be harmful (such as excessive vitamin E being linked with *increased* heart disease, and other studies that suggest that supplements may feed certain cancers).

    Your immune system doesn’t need “boosting” (extra-active immunity is called “lupus” and is horrible). Odds are good that you don’t need silly supplements.

    As what’s-his-name says: “Eat real food. More plants than animals.”

    The sad thing is, most everyone I know agrees (they say) with the “supplements are BS” but then go out and take their 32 vitamins and drink acai drink mix at $30/bottle… but they “know” what they’re doing is actually correct.

    Snake oil of the 00s.

    • What about Vitamin D? They say we aren’t getting enough.

      • Michael says:

        Is that because people aren’t spending enough time outdoors?

        You only need 30 minutes of sun exposure twice a week…..get outside people : -)

      • I guess it’s the whole “they say” thing. “They” also said lots of things about lots of other nutrients and micro-nutrients. It’s all faddish in nature – just check out recent historic trends around diet (both the “what you should eat” and the “don’t be so fat” kinds).

        If you’re not getting enough vitamin D, go out in the sun for a short while each day. I have to ask – are you showing signs of rickets :)?

        If taking a multi-vitamin makes you feel better about the universe, have at it. I’m addressing more of the “take 30 supplements” crowd, or the “if I don’t do protein supplements my workout is wasted” folks.

      • In Chicago there isn’t enough sunlight for most of the year to get enough vitamin D. So I’ve been supplementing with it, and I can tell the difference.

  4. Kateweb says:

    wow this is kinda disturbing, I recently added whey protein to my diet and am seeing some improvement but the risk make me want to go out and get a lead test kit if i thought it would at all work for this.

    • I would just use one of the three protein supplements that were listed as safe in the consumer reports study. I know I will. And stay away from the “chocolate” flavored ones, they seem to be the ones who carry the most weird stuff in it. My guess is that it’s masking the taste of lead! LOL

  5. gennickiib says:

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