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FOF #2737 – Azealia Banks Says F*ck Your Drag

This week hip hop star Azealia Bank got into it with drag queens when she called out a local queen, Bambi Banks-Coolee as stupid for dressing up as the X-Men’s Storm. Azealia went on to say that drag race is “raising a generation of materialistic money spenders.”

Today comedian Matt Brown joins us to unpack Azealia Bank’s scalding criticism of drag culture, RuPaul’s Drag Race and LGBTQI+ art. Does Azaelia have a point or is she just looking for a fight for just a little publici-SHE?

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FOF #2202 – Twinkle Twinkle Lila Star

Lila Star’s ambition is to become the first Latina trans rapper to break into the world of hip hop, and with recent appearances on Jerry Springer, she’s well on her way.

Listen as we kiki with Lila about how to make shade work for you in the ball scene, her recent appearance on the Jerry Springer Show and why her boyfriend came out as gay even though he’s into trans women.

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FOF #2177 – Big Dipper’s Thick and Juicy Beats

Our guest today began his musical career as a prank, wondering what would happen if a thick and juicy gay bear owned the stage like a bad-ass rapper.

And here he is– the hilarious Big Dipper– the Ursa Major of rap music talking about getting his audience horny, why his lyrics make you laugh as they speak the truth. Represent!

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VIDEO: God-Des & She – “Love Machine”

My friend Johnny says they are most successful and well known artists of the gay rap movement! I believe him, they are awesome.

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VIDEO: Worst Choir Ever?

As a choir/chorus boy for many, many years, this not only terrifies me, but amuses me to no end. Introducing the FBC Senior Adult Choir.  They look like decent, sweet and nice Christian ladies and […]

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FOFA #877 – Q Boy Keeps it Fresh and Hot

On today’s show we have two fabulous artists in the house, our Chicago based dirty gay rapper, Johhny Dangerous and UK rapper Q-Boy. Among only a few openly gay rappers in hip-hop, they are the leading faces in a new wave of music known as “homo hop”.

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FOF #877 – Q Boy Keeps it Fresh and Hot

I love old school rap music. Who can’t forget the intense work of Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash or Salt-n-Pepa? I’ll always have a HUGE place in my heart for the quirky beatboxing of the Fat […]

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