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FOF #1165 – Don’t Cry for Pandora Boxx

People are outraged that one of their favorite drag queens, the hilarious Pandora Boxx was booted from RuPaul’s Drag Race. Listen as Michael Steck, the man who is Pandora Boxx, takes us under the hood of this season’s RuPaul’s Drag Race and shares with us his wild ride on the reality tv show.

Will she hug the hateful judge Santino Rice at the reunion show or will she read him and refuse his affection like Shannel did last year? Plus, questions from you!

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Hunk of the Day: Will Wikle

Will Wikle is an actor, former Big Brother houseguest, nurse, and awesome guy. Definitely Hunk of the Day material. Also check out his previous interview with HDJ.

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Ten Minutes of Weird

Ten minutes of weird clips from reality TV, children’s programming, commercials, Japanese TV, sploshing, anti-drug  warnings and so much more.

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FOFA #957 – Rock the Runway Ronnie

Chicago born model Ronnie Kroell made it to the top two in the first season of Bravo’s hit reality tv show “Make Me a Supermodel.” His midwestern good looks, sparkling smile and unabashed honestly about […]

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FOF #963 – What’s Next for BeBe Zahara Benet & Jade

Everybody’s favorite African drag queen –BeBe Zahara Benet and Chicago’s very own Jade are on today’s show. Also known as Nea Marshall Kudi and David Sotomayor, these two fabulous drag divas won people’s hearts when […]

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FOF #937 – A Taste of Ongina

In the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the reality TV show created to produce the next drag superstar, one of the contestants, Ongina, tearfully revealed she was HIV positive. Today we’re talking to Ongina, […]

FOF #866 – Hope Your Day is Good Dan

Writer, model, reality TV star and editor, Dan Renzi joins us for today’s show. In the mid 90s, Dan was plucked from forty thousand hopefuls and cast in the fifth season of MTV’s Real World: […]

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Feast of Fools + What Not To Wear: Regulars of Popular Chicago Gay Podcast Appear on Reality TV Show

CHICAGO, IL- Amanda Steinstein of the “Feast of Fools” podcast may be the worst-dressed woman in the world to be documented in what is the gayest episode ever of TLC’s reality TV show “What Not […]

Fun With FOF Week Continues

Wednesday, July 23 – Live Podcast Forum “Let’s Take a Glass Together” 6pm, Sidetrack. Please join the Feast of Fools as we record a live podcast forum on the LGBT community and alcohol at Sidetrack. […]

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