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FOF #2524 – When Lactatia Met Vivacious

After 8 year old drag queen Lactacia managed to out-shade Bianca Del Rio in a viral video, Elle Magazine invited her to meet one of her favorite queens- Vivacious!

Today, Vivacious joins us to talk about that one drag queen who cost her a gig appearing in Katy Perry’s video, Taylor Swift’s latest diss track and of course, meeting Lactacia

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FOF #2485 – Reading that Rainbow Girl

Thanks to Marriage Equality and changes in adoption laws, the number of same sex families with kids is exploding. As a result, there’s a huge need for LGBT friendly programming for children so bring on the drag queens.

Circus acrobat and drag queen Muffy Fishbasket is filling that void by literally reading to the children, in good way, at her Storytime with Drag Queens which is quickly becoming a hit at Chicago’s LGBT Center on Halsted.

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FOF #2306 – A Kiki with Jonny and Lady Red

Jonny and Lady Red recently premiered a new season of their hit Youtube talk show Hey Qween as well as unveiling a new website filled with more “gayest of all time” content.

Today we kiki with Jonny and Lady Red from their home in L.A. about who is hot on this season on RuPaul’s Drag Race and what to expect at the Austin International Drag Festival.

Listen as Jonny weighs in on why drag queens all of a sudden have to be nice, chastises us for not being timid enough, and Lady Red slut shames us t

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FOF #1849 – Love Fest

Music festivals are great for bringing out the free-spirit in all of us – add some drinks to the mix, and it’s not surprising that people make connections quickly and are more open to sharing the love.

Today Meredith Kachel joins us to talk about how to hookup for sex at festivals, seducing musicians and the difference between hipsters and hippies.

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VIDEO: Richard Simmons Gets You FIT to FLY!

If you’ve been on an airplane, you know the routine:  The crew does their presentation about safety, pointing out the exits and how to use your seat as a life preserver.  Yawn.  Same ol’ thing […]

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VIDEO: Richard Simmons Bloopers From the ’80s.

Richard Simmons curses like a sailor (but I’m not one to judge) behind the scenes on his ’80s show.  That sweetness and apple pie veneer is just that…a veneer, and it makes me like him […]

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Richard Simmons As Lady Gaga?

TMZ reports that this is a pic of Richard Simmons as Lady Gaga, but give the fitness guru some credit, he’s been dressing as a freak since before Gaga was even born.

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