FOF #2306 – A Kiki with Jonny and Lady Red

Mar 15, 2016 · 1985 views

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Jonny and Lady Red recently premiered a new season of their hit Youtube talk show Hey Qween as well as unveiling a new website filled with more “gayest of all time” content.

Today we kiki with Jonny and Lady Red from their home in L.A. about who is hot on this season on RuPaul’s Drag Race and what to expect at the Austin International Drag Festival.

Listen as Jonny weighs in on why drag queens all of a sudden have to be nice, chastises us for not being timid enough, and Lady Red slut shames us t


  1. jimmyV says:

    Hey Queen is abslurly fabulous in my book. I’m enjoying Rupaul’s drags race and I’m still not ready to see it go in ten years, but the game show might just be a better situation. Game shows are Cheaper to do You can shoot two complete episode in one day. It takes a week to do one episode of drag race, Johnny seems to think Drag Race is a cash cow. It has high production values and doesn’t do well in high rotation in reruns. Logo needs to draw good ratings on Tuesday night in July with a rerun, Rupaul’s drag race is appointment television a game show because of its shooting schedule and sheer number of episodes do well in reruns. Do you ever remember watching a rerun of Jepordy?

    • Actually I’ve heard that many game shows are shot 5 in a day!

    • All good things come to an end. That said, I have little doubt that we’ll have RuPaul’s Drag Race in some shape or form for years to come. It’s changed the LGBT entertainment landscape too much for it to go away. IF Goddess forbid the show got cancelled (maybe Viacom pulls the plug on Logo for example, or the show becomes too expensive to produce) I’m 100% confident they would do something for Netflix or YouTube, etc.

      I think the future of Drag Race will probably be on streaming television like Amazon Prime or Netflix. OR, Viacom will roll their cable properties into something new like Hulu (which is owned by ABC.)

  2. Alberto says:

    OMG. Hey Qween let Feast of Fun HAVE IT. It was fun to listen to the shade but if you don’t like these guys, why bother in the first place? IDK. Awesome podcast though. <3

    • I wouldn’t take it all too seriously. They are both lovely people and we share much in common.

      I totally know where they are coming from, trying to say shady things that can sometimes sound like just petty jealousy and negativity. Just realize they are trying to be good guests and “stir the pot” to give us something meaty to dig into.

      Also, despite their success on YouTube, I know from personal experience that developing these type of video shows is very expensive and the ad revenue you get from YouTube doesn’t even come close in covering your costs. So if you want to see more Hey Qween (or anything else) support them!

      • Alberto says:

        Thanks for the reaction Fausto. I’m following both of you guys AND I praise or question both of you according to your each work. I really hope they keep entertaining us but I also believe that solidarity is one of the keys for that. So… bitches better beware! lol Hugs from Istanbul

  3. Jonny McGovern says:

    Qweens! Relax! No shade at all! We love these guys! We were just sassin them for fun!

  4. Jerry says:

    My two favorite gay podcasts together again!

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