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”Boystown” Reality Show Meets ”To Catch a Predator”

FAIL ! Plans for the “Boystown” Reality Show in Chicago came in for a crash landing when it became known that one of the shows “backers” is a Registered Sex Offender. What half-wit came up […]

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2nd Escort Claims George Rekers Bought Gay Sex

A second gay escort has stepped forward to claim ex-gay leader George Rekers paid him for gay sex. Former stripper, escort and adult actor Carl Sheperd (Chaz) alleges Rekers paid him $150 for “vanilla sex” […]

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Gio the Male Escort’s Haircut Looks Like a Drag Queen

I thought this photo of “Gio” looked familiar. When I saw all the blog posts about Geo, the male prostitute hired by NARTH Member & Family Research Council co-Founder Dr. George Rekers, it sparked a […]

Wood’s Wood Warrants New Sponsorship Deals

Tiger’s been losing endorsement deals left and right. I guess he had to lower his bar sometime. See more funny Tiger pics at My Dog Ate My Blog.

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Tiger Woods Mistress: “We have crazy Ambien sex.”

Tiger Wood’s mistress Rachel Uchitel has been yakking it up with her friends (allegedly) that she and Mr. Woods had been doing a bunch of drugs when they were having sex. Guess what drugs they […]

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George Saint George – Photo Horror Stories

Chicago nightlife photographer George St. George shares his thoughts on the highs and lows of his job, Michael Alig and Screaming Rachel. For a high-quality version of the video, subscribe with : RSS | iTunes […]

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FOF #948 – George St. George Slays It

“Take My Picture Now! Do I look ugly? I demand you destroy all the copies of those photos.” These are the expressions that a lot of photographers endure when taking pictures out at nightclubs or […]

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FOF #722 – Drag Wars

Oh girlfriend, it’s getting vicious on one page of our comments thread. In case you don’t subscribe to comments on the blog entries, you may have missed an intense exchange by most of Chicago drag […]

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