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FOF # 2875 – Black at Second City

In the comedy world, not everything is a laughing matter, especially when it comes to allegations of racism and sexual misconduct at one of the world’s most prestigious comedy institutions- Chicago’s Second City.

Today comedian Rachel Hall who’s worked with Second City joins us to take a look at Chicago’s comedy scene and how Vogue Magazine’s Anna Wintour says perhaps she’s been too hurtful and intolerant and pledges to hire more black creatives and journalists.

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FOF #2375 – Diary of Fashion Gang Leader

In high school, comedian Peter S Kim couldn’t get into a Korean gang so he formed his own posse of fashion conscious teenagers who stole expensive clothes from the mall to sell to the rich white kids in their school.

Today, Peter S Kim, joins us to talk about why all Korean moms are funny, the best practices for catfishing on hookup apps and why it’s better to get along with people rather than fight with them online for a little publicity.

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FOF #2319 – The Faux Queen is for Real

While cisgender women can certainly tear it up onstage, the don’t always get embraced by LGBT folks who may see them like a white rapper trying to gain acceptance from black folks.

Our guest today is one of Chicago’s rising stars in the drag queen scene, Chelsea Devantez who as Dicksie Pictoria won highly competitive Crash Landing contest, but unlike many of the trans and gay male contestants, Chelsea is a cisgender woman.

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VIDEO: Second City Mocks Rick Perry’s “Strong” Ad

That was fast- Second City made a parody of Rick Perry’s Anti-gay, Christmas war ad. Like the jacket in these ads? It worn by Heath Ledger in “Brokeback Mountain.” Oh, the irony. Thanks Heather and […]

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Gapers Block Blog: Chicago’s Ball Scene

How does the ball scene in Chicago differ from New York’s? It appears the Chicago scene is super competitive and they go the extra mile to make it an event.

One baller, Solomon Infiniti, has worked the runway in a casket with doves flying out from his cape, in a dress made entirely out of Popeye’s chicken boxes and right after 9/11, he popped out of an exploding twin towers recreation.

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Cougar Lesbians Go To College

From The Second City, the folks behind Sassy Gay Friend, comes the Cougar Lesbians. “I wish when I was 19, a 42 year old woman had approached me.”

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VIDEO: Sassy Gay Friend with Eve

The Sassy Gay friend is here to put Eve together!

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What will you use the iPad for?

The iPad is getting ready to hit the shelves on April 3rd…amazingly the day before Easter. It will give people an excuse to not interact with their family during the holiday and say “Not now, […]

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Sassy Gay Friend Saves Shakespearean Heroines

Would a Sassy Gay Friend have saved Juliet or Ophelia from their fates? Watch and find out!

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FOF #1122 – The Best Church of God Will Make You a Believer

Hallelujah! Get ready for a hilarious musical treat with Sister Erica Elam and Brother Mike Descoteaux, from the Best Church of God, the only Church with a 110% approval rating from Jesus.

Listen as we conjure up the holy spirit and learn musical comedy techniques from masters at the legendary Second City with an improvised song about adult film star Pavel Novotny.

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