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Zachary Quinto Comes Out in New York Magazine Interview

Set phasers to stun!  Zachary Qunito has come out in an interview with New York Magazine, published today. Quinto, who released an emotional “It Gets Better” video in October 2010, has never confirmed nor denied his […]

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Patrick Stewart at Wizard World 2011

Sir Patrick Stewart appeared at Wizard World 2011 to discuss how acting as a Start Trek captain changed his life and how he got the job as Professor X in the X Men because he […]

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FUN WITH AUDIO: Zachary Quinto’s Erotic Star Trek

Just stumbled across this hilarious and sexy edited version of a Star Trek audio book, narrated by Zachary Quinto, who allegedly is gay in real life. Listen as Spock boldy goes where no man has […]

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FOF #1320 – Making Love out of Nothing at All

Our gal pal Tracy Tyler has 80s pop music flowing through her veins, and she can easily imitate the song stylings of Styx, Culture Club and her favorite Air Supply.

Join us today as we take a look at Lady Gaga’s new song lyrics for “I Was Born This Way”- so far, nobody knows what the melody is like, so why not marry it with Air Supply?

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VIDEO: Hamster Has Pon Farr, Takes on Russian Guys

My mash-up with the battle scene from Amok Time. Click Mute on the hamster side for full effect.

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Create Your Own Air-Powered Star Trek Door

I know you love Star Trek, so wouldn’t you love to have your very own Star Trek door in your house that makes that woosh sound when it opens? Check out this video of a […]

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FOF #1290 – A Very Klingon Christmas

Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” is credited with restoring the holidays in Britain to joy and celebration after a period of somberness in the early 1800s. Today the classic tale is keeping the spirit of Star Trek alive in “A Klingon Christmas Carol” – the first play to ever be produced entirely in Klingon. No joke.

Listen as we talk with the director and the Klingon Scrooge about the the warrior race and the true meaning of Klingon Christmas.

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Cave Tours in Klingon

Tourists in Australia can now follow tours of the Jenolan Caves in the Klingon language. In the Next Generation episode “Relics,” the Enterprise encountered the Jenolan, a Sydney Class Starship where they found Scotty from […]

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VIDEO: Star Trek Does Tik Tok

Epic mash-up  of the original Star Trek crew and Ke$ha’s Tic Tok!

Star Trek Town

The town of Vulcan in Alberta, Canada may as well be called Star Trek Town. Even though the town was named after the Roman god of the forge long before the Star Trek television show aired, residents have taken to the sci-fi franchise like nobody’s business.

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