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FOFA #387 – Set Your iPod on Fun

“Mom, I’m NOT going to the Star Trek 40th anniversary convention” the teenage son in the photo was probably thinking when his mother sewed up costumes for the whole family and took them to the suburbs of Chicago to parade around for strangers to take their picture.

On today’s show we’re talking to several die-hard star trek fans about their obsession with their favorite film and TV series, why they chose the costumes they wore, and why are they so into it all. [Originally posted on 09.13.06]

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Star Trek- Edited to Be Sexy or Funny?

That’s a lot of Star Trek to go through! –Via

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Kirstie Alley Wants Gay Man to Play With Dicks

In a twitter exchange between actress Kirstie Alley and Chicago blogger Jeff Ramone over Scientology, Haiti and medicating children, Kirstie gets so frustrated she tells Jeff to play with dicks. I love a good celebrity […]

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Dad Only Speaks Klingon to Child

A Minnesota man decided to see if he could teach his child Klingon, so for the first three years that’s all he spoke. d’Armond Speers (no relation to Britney) has a doctorate in computational linguistics […]

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FOFA #315 – Castraticast

We’re so excited because today we have one of the world’s oldest and most famous Castrati, the incomparable Alessandro Moreschi, pictured on the right. Click on the audio file at the bottom of the Wikipedia […]

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FOF #1016 – Summer Fashion and Skin-Care

Eric Schwers from Baskit Underwear shares his secrets for picking the best swimsuit and underwear and Enrique Ramirez from Face to Face NYC Day Spa offers some inexpensive ideas for summer skin care. Plus a photo of Fausto as a Star Stek character.

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FOF #985 – Welcome to Planet Larry La Fountain

Some queer Puerto Ricans feel as if they’re from another planet- strangers in a strange land no matter where they go. Negotiating between cultures gives us fresh eyes with which to seek out the infinite […]

FOF #818 – Shake It Again Sister

We’ve got the Shaker Sisters today- Robyn Monks and Jen Zias, join us to talk about their debut album All Night Through- a fabulous collection of country and pop songs about the trials and tribulations […]

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FOF #814 – Tornado Warning

The terrible tornado that almost blew the city of Chicago apart on Monday averaged almost 800 lightening strikes a minute. Yeow! One nice thing about the calamity is that it took place towards the end […]

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FOF #325 – Proud to be Takei

Proudly going where no other Star Trek actor had gone before George Takei got back into the national spotlight last year when “beamed” out of the closet as a openly gay man and spoke candidly […]

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