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FOF #2678 – Grateful for the Nuts in the Fruitcake

With Thanksgiving upon us, it’s not only time to stuff that turkey, it’s time to stuff our hearts with thanks to all the amazing people and things in our lives.

Today comedian Carma Nibarger joins us to say thanks to all the wonderful people and things in our lives.

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FOF #2421 – Thanksgiving Food Hacks

Turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole and pumpkin pie- as ubiquitous as these Thanksgiving dishes are, not everyone agrees on the best way to make these holiday treats.

Today we’re sharing our favorite Thanksgiving tips and tricks to make your holiday meal effortlessly delicious!

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FOF #2420 – Make Thanksgiving Great Again

After a very long election year that has divided the country, a lot of us are dreading spending the holiday season with family members who don’t share their same values, but it’s a great opportunity to bridge the divide and give thanks for what you do have in your life.

Today, we’re talking turkey with the very funny Carma Nibarger, a nurse who heals people with the power of comedy and psychotropic drugs.

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FOF #2255 – Tiger Blood

This week, actor Charlie Sheen revealed that he’s been HIV positive for four years, making folks worry that like Caitlyn Jenner with trans issues, this arrogant celebrity will become the new face of HIV.

Joining us is the hilarious Jeffrey Jay to talk about Charlie Sheen’s breakdown, and the nerve wracking way health workers give you your HIV test results, as if you were a contestant on Who Want’s to Be a Millionaire

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Deven Green and Damiana Garcia Celebrate Thanksgiving

Lady reporter Damiana Garcia celebrates the blessings and wonderment of Thanksgiving with the beautiful and shelarious Deven Green. The two ladies feast on an extravaganza of gratitude, helpful meal preparation tips, and waxing poetic on […]

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Cooking with Drag Queens: Pumpkin Pie Flan with Pandora Boxx

Pumpkin pie or flan?

We couldn’t decide what dessert to make for Thanksgiving, so in her infinite wisdom, Pandora Boxx suggested we combine them into one fabulous, Latin-American dessert: Pumpkin Pie Flan.

FOF #1486 – Hot Gravy Injection

With Thanksgiving day lurking just around the corner, people are busy getting ready for a hot gravy injection of food, family and friends. But warning! Your turkey dinner could be deadly.

Today we’re warning you about the dangers of Thanksgiving, from frying your turkey in hot oil, to poisoning your guests, to navigating the tricky emotional waters of a family get together.

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VIDEO: William Shatner on the Horrors of Frying a Turkey

William Shatner warns of the perils of deep frying a turkey. The best part is Shatner asking, “Where’s the dingle dangle?” But the CGI flames looks like he’s getting sucked into the nexus again.

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Move over Terducken You’ve Been Replaced

F you Terducken, you’ve been replaced with the TurBacon for Thanksgiving. I bet you thought you had an epic Thanksgiving didn’t you? WRONG!!!!! These guys made their Thanksgiving memorable by make a TurBacon, you’ve heard […]

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IMAGE: Lady Gaga’s Thanksgiving Casserole

We hope her Thanksgiving casserole isn’t made from leftovers from her meat dress.

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