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FOF #1411 – Bryan Safi is so Gay

The weekly segment “That’s Gay” is a hit on iTunes and YouTube and it’s made Bryan Safi a star on the Internet.

Today we’re jumping in the gay jacuzzi with the hilarious Bryan Safi to talk about the terrible things he had to do to launch That’s Gay, all the behind the scenes dirt and the ridiculous idea of a magical gay best friend that can fix anything.

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VIDEO: That’s Gay’s “The Nation’s Worst Church”

A woman wanted to sue her church to get all the money back that she donated over the years because they started performing gay marriages. I say give her the money back so she can […]

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VIDEO: That’s Gay- Faking It

Don’t you love it when the host gets angry?

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VIDEO: Johnny Weir Too Gay for Figure Skating?

The always excellent comedian Bryan Safi gives his latest take on the bullsh*it surrounding the fabulous, three time gold medal winning Olympic athlete Johnny Weir, and why the media has a hard time accepting him […]

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