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FOF # 2877 – Brandon Ash Mohamed is Black, Queer and a Capricorn

We always think of Canada, our neighbor to the north, as an idyllic place where fountains flow with maple syrup, moose roam freely and everyone is happy riding toboggans to work.

But, just like the folks in the US of A, Canada has its own problems with race and police brutality.

Joining us today is comedian Brandon Ash Mohamed, who as far as we know, is the only out gay Black comedian in Canada, to talk about his new comedy album, Capricornication, where he talks about growing up black and gay in the Great White North.

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FOF #1830 – Lady Bunny is on Top of the World

Always opinionated and outrageous– everybody loves the she-larious Lady Bunny for creating Wigstock, her raunchy parody song videos and her unabashed celebrity roasts.

Today the queen of obscene, Lady Bunny, joins us to talk about her favorite types of music, why drag queens steal her material and RuPaul’s “prairie drag look” she wears at her soulmate George’s ranch in Wyoming.

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