FOF #1830 – Lady Bunny is on Top of the World

Jul 18, 2013 · 1985 views

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Always opinionated and outrageous– everybody loves the she-larious Lady Bunny for creating Wigstock, her raunchy parody song videos and her unabashed celebrity roasts.

Today the queen of obscene, Lady Bunny, joins us to talk about her favorite types of music, why drag queens steal her material and RuPaul’s “prairie drag look” she wears at her soulmate George’s ranch in Wyoming.


  1. Awesomeness! Lady Bunny is the best!

  2. I agree with Lady Bunny and Brian Sweeny about being religious and LGBT. It’s very frustrating when I see lgbt trying so hard to reconcile their outdated religi

  3. Bryce says:

    For someone who is religious/spiritual, I find it interesting that our community who has been placed on the fringe and basically treated like garbage can oftentimes be very intolerant of others and their beliefs. Look, I get it. A lot of LGBT people come away from religion with scars and resentment but that’s not the case for everyone. I celebrate everyone’s right to be and believe whatever they want. So in my opinion, bashing LGBT individuals who choose to have some sort of religious affiliation makes one no better than the Fundamentalists who are attacking from the other side. Remember, there are very accepting religions and denominations that don’t force LGBT members to conform to a set of standards. Just keep an open mind people is all I ask.

    I enjoyed Lady Bunny. She’s very bold and opinionated which is what I expected. It was one of those classic Feast of Fun podcasts. Hope to hear more from her soon. And as a southerner and a fellow Chattanoogan, it was good to see a piece of home represented in this podcast!

  4. Alan says:

    Love, love, love, this episode! I think the very first Feast of Fun episode I ever listened to was a Lady Bunny interview. Goodness, that must have been like six years ago! I got an iPod for Christmas my freshman year in High School, and then; as I’m sure many of your listeners have done; the very first thing I did, was to type: Gay. In the iTunes Store search-bar. Ha, I must have been about fourteen at the time. Anyway, that’s how I found you guys. At that time Bunny was probably the most outrageous person I’d ever listened to in my entire life (probably still is), I guess you could say the three of you pushed me into the rabbit whole, and that Christmas night, I went to sleep, to visions, not of sugar plum fairies, but of twinks, drag queens, and bears, oh my! In other words: Best Christmas ever.

    On religion: Yeah, I was raised in a Mexican Roman/Catholic household. And, as a young gay boy, before I even knew I was gay; I often felt inadequate. Slowly, and steadily I began losing my religion. I am much happier in my own skin now that I’ve abandoned religious belief entirely. I think reading the Golden Compass may have helped a bit, Philip Pullman, the author of the trilogy, is a very liberal and outspoken atheist, and it shows through his writing. He writes books for children and young adults. In the very last of book the Golden Compass trilogy, though mentioned only briefly, there is even a non-stereotypical gay couple introduced to the storyline. I guess I’m mentioning the Golden Compass because of what is going on with Ender’s Game. I mean, we don’t know how the Ender’s Game thing will turn out yet, but many religious groups organized a boycott of the Golden Compass movie because they disagreed with the atheist undertones of the book, and the liberal leanings of the author, and they successfully killed that franchise. Only the first book of the trilogy was made into a movie. And as if that wasn’t enough; Hollywood made an excellent job, at ensuring the movie didn’t address any of the themes that could maybe make middle-America uncomfortable, including religion. It’s crazy, they changed so many things that the movie doesn’t even follow the same chronological order of events that the book does. Why do we have to make so many concessions to the conservatives? But whenever we ask for something, WE are intolerant monsters?! I’ll be nice to religious people the moment they start being nice to others. So, no; I don’t agree with you Bryce. I think it will be necessary to stand up for what we believe in, until the Fundamentalists stop attacking us, otherwise they would just walk all over us all the time. Just like the walked all over The Golden Compass.

    Wow, so does this mean that Ru has been secretly serving up Brokeback Mountain realness for years? When someone asks her about her mystery man? Does she reply: We was fishing buddies? So many questions!

  5. Bryce says:

    Alan you don’t have to agree with me. We have two very different life experiences and I respect that. However, just like Martin and Malcolm, Xaview and Professor X, we have very different views on how to handle the way we handle oppression whether it be religious, social or political. You seem to have a very US vs THEM mentality and I don’t. As a black person and a gay person I hate when people lump me into a collective group and judge me based on the actions of a few or many of that group. And no one is asking anyone to make concessions. And the whole ‘I’ll be nice to you when you be nice to me’. That shit didn’t work on the playground and it’s sure as hell not going to work being ‘adults’. Maybe I’m the only one who feels this way, but sometimes when you’re so far on the other end of the spectrum, you really begin to have a lot in common with the person you deem an enemy.

    • I like your Magneto/Professor X comparison when it comes to civil rights.

    • Alan says:

      Yeah, sorry ’bout that. I’m much more mellow in person than I might have come across in that paragraph. I was referring specifically to the same people you refer to when you say, “the actions of a few or many of that group.” Most people in my family are practicing-catholics and we get along just fine; they know I’m gay, and don’t really care. I guess when I came out to them, gay people stopped being ‘the other’ and they re-evaluated their world view. Ugh! I hate to use such a cliche phrase, but; many of my friends are religious. And rarely, almost never, but occasionally; I still even participate in charity events organized by the church I grew up in. I guess I was just venting a little frustration I have regarding extremists, but yeah you’re right. I didn’t really address it, but I was talking about the people seem to think that, to have religion, is to have a license to infringe into other people’s rights. Also, your comparison to Magneto and Malcolm X makes me a bit uncomfortable as it suggests some form of endorsement of violence from my part. Just wanted to clarify I don’t promote scalping evangelists or anything like that 😉 I’m a peace-loving, flute-playing, Austinian. I think you should always be nice first, but if a group of people or an individual is continuously infringing upon your civil liberties you can’t just keep on turning the other cheek forever, you gotta push back a bit sometimes.

  6. Alan says:

    Yep, that one 😉

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