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FOF #1484 – Let’s Go to the Candy Shop

Let’s go on a date!

Liberace once said “too much of a good thing is wonderful” but I think he was talking about rhinestones and not hot men by his poolside, or was he? For some guys it’s easy to find the sex they want but impossible to find romance. Listen to find out what you can do to get the most out of your love life.

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VIDEO: Gay Man Goes Undercover to Expose Gay Reparative Therapy at Bachman Clinic

An undercover investigation by “Truth Wins Out” catches the Bachman & Associates Clinic on hidden camera using reparative therapy to pray the gay away.

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Investigative Report into Marcus Bachman’s Gay Reparative Clinic

Reporter John M. Becker went undercover to Marcus Bachaman’s clinic to undergo gay reparative therapy over the course of eight days. Marcus Bachman is the husband of presidential hopeful Michele Bachman and their clinic receives […]

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FOF #1294 – Show Me How You Burlesque

Burlesque hasn’t done well in theaters, but the romp through a fantasy burlesque theater is a hit with gay men and drag queens everywhere. Join us today as we talk about Cher, Christina, hunky Cam Gigandet and Alan Cummings’ straight to DVD performance.

Also: gay rights advocate Wayne Besen, founder of Truth Wins Out, talks about the ex-gay movement focusing on pre-teens, George “Carry My Luggage” Rekers and anti-gay iPhone apps.

Rentboy Lucien Speaks About Trip with Anti-Gay Rekers on CNN

According to the contract, Lucien had to perform the following for Rekers on their trip to Europe- 1- Carry his bags 2- Massage him for an hour a day 3- Eat two meals a day […]

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