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FOF #2980 – OnlyFans Pumpkin Spice Underwear

That didn’t take too long! After announcing last week that Only would delete all the adult content on their site in order to comply with pressure from Mastercard and investors, the crowdsourcing platform reversed course and announced they will be allowing adult content after all and please don’t go to other websites like y’all did with Tumblr, ok?

Today we’re taking a look at the world’s second oldest profession, how the digital world is helping millions of folks survive the pandemic, and how Internet companies are still struggling with puritanical ideals of what people want.

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FOF #2507 – Underwear that’s Fun to Wear

In the early 80s, designer Calvin Klein used gorgeously muscular men to promote his underwear brand which turned an everyday undergarment into a sexualized fashion accessory that not only changed the way people think about underwear, but also how men look at their own bodies.

Joining us is comedian Carma Nibarger to talk about underpants and how women have managed over the centuries to corral their boobies – from corsets, to bullet bras, to letting it all hang out.

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VIDEO: If Only All the Male Athletes Had to Wear This Outfit… I Would Watch More Sports

Sure it’s an underwear commerciall… but we can ignore that till the end. HOT.

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Sweaty Nap Time! The Chicago Andrew Christian Boys

One of the many shots i took during our Andrew Christian Underwear shoot yesterday, the 17th of June at the Montrose Beach along Lake Michigan. Thought of sharing this photo, it has been a very […]

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VIDEO: Mario Lopez Takes it Off for Ellen

Mario Lopez has got a new line of underwear out and went on Ellen’s talk show to promote the line. Why be an underwear model, when you can own the company and show off the […]

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IMAGE: Ricky Gervais in Ellen’s Panties

Who knew that Ellen’s panties were so glamorous?

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Sexy CK Underwear Add Asks if You Want to See a Guy’s *Beep*

I love that hulu put on a commercial targeted at gay men! How do I know it’s for gay guys? Well, after asking you if you want to see his *beep* he then asks what […]

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FOF #1016 – Summer Fashion and Skin-Care

Eric Schwers from Baskit Underwear shares his secrets for picking the best swimsuit and underwear and Enrique Ramirez from Face to Face NYC Day Spa offers some inexpensive ideas for summer skin care. Plus a photo of Fausto as a Star Stek character.

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FOF #745 – Adult Baby Party

Waah! Sometimes you feel like a big baby and wish all you had to worry about was learning how to walk and when your next feeding will be. But let’s face it, the world of […]

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