FOF #2507 – Underwear that’s Fun to Wear

Jul 18, 2017 · 1985 views

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In the early 80s, designer Calvin Klein used gorgeously muscular men to promote his underwear brand which turned an everyday undergarment into a sexualized fashion accessory that not only changed the way people think about underwear, but also how men look at their own bodies.

Joining us is comedian Carma Nibarger to talk about underpants and how women have managed over the centuries to corral their boobies – from corsets, to bullet bras, to letting it all hang out.


  1. colaboy29 says:

    Fausto, don’t know if I’ve sent this to you before. Here is Yzma’s song that was scrapped from the Emperor’s New Groove but is available on the soundtrack. I always thought it could make a fabulous drag number!

  2. Caps says:

    I really enjoy the shows with Carma she is fun and you guys have great chemistry!

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