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FOF #1693 – My What a Pretty Face

We’re ready for our close-up!

Today we take a look at our faces, what science says about how our faces reveal who we are, and what you can do to flaunt it, or cover it up. How to look your best and figure out what’s inside the book by judging its cover.

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FOF #1616 – 50 Ways to Ditch a Drag Queen

You’re in for a real treat!

The boys from Feast of Fun are taking a little break from doing the show, so they asked me, Saltina Obama Bouvier, a glamourpoous drag queen to do the show for them. I also brought along my sidekick Daphne Dumount. You might not like her though.

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VIDEO: What Do Vampires Do When Zombies Take Over?

It’s Halloween so let’s catch up with the comedy web series “Suck and Moan” produced by Joel Bryant about zombies contaminating the the food supply for the vampires. As a bonus, it features his wife […]

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VIDEO: Campy Gay Dracula

Gay Dracula is going to get his bite on in this campy 1970’s short.

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FOF #1437 – Slicing the September 11 Cake

It’s not easy to make sense of the events of September 11. Even ten years later we’re still struggling to understand why these terrorists committed this horrific act and how the United States respond to it.

One of the best ways to handle the immense tragedy is through humor because it lets us cope with the insurmountable.

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FOF #1403 – A Date with Destiny

Hi there everyone- it’s me Saltina Obama Bouvier, we have an amazing show for you today.

Marc and Fausto are too busy celebrating Pride to do this podcast, and so I took it upon myself to fill in while the boys are out to play. Once again, the women have to do all the work the men don’t want to do. Oh, and Daphne is here too.

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My Real Interview with a Vampire

Vampires don’t really exist, but if they did, I sure would have a lot of obnoxious questions to ask them. I wonder why these ideas never seem to get addressed in movies or on TV? […]

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VIDEO: How do Vampires Practice Safe Sex? Interview with The Vampire Diaries Candace Accola

Charming and full of talent, Candace Accola from The Vampire Diaries chats with Marc Felion about her breakout role in the hit TV series.

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Video: The Jersey Shore Goes to Bon Temps or ”Snookie Stackhouse”

That’s right True Blood fans, the bumped one is taking her tanorexic slut brigade to Bon Temps and Merlotte’s Bar and Grill.  An immortal Guidette, just what the world was clamoring for. Oh and the […]

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Twilight Fans Create Tent City

Although the next episode of the Twilight sequel – Eclipse – doesn’t open for another week, more than 500 people have set up a tent city on Nokia Plaza to get ready for the premiere […]

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