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FOF #2074A – Till Death Do Us Part

Trump says our marriage is a done deal and Deven Green says its her favorite appearance on the podcast, so here it is- our wedding ceremony, officiated by Deven Green with special musical appearances by Tracy Tyler and Manny Capozzi.

Listen as we take you on a journey of our relationship, our ups and downs and we truly get legally married forever and ever.

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FOF #2075 – For Better or For Worse

We did it! On Halloween, Marc and I tied the knot and got legally married in Illinois by the fabulous Deven Green. We wanted to keep it simple and fun, so to celebrate we went out for a romantic dinner and then caught a movie.

Today we reflect on our podcast wedding and celebration afterwards. Plus, all the hot news.

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FOF #2074 – Till Death Do Us Part

For many gay folks, being able to legally marry the one you love has been nothing short of a fantasy. But thanks to decades of hard work, people in most states in the country are now able to legally tie the knot.

On today’s show, wedding bells are a ringing, and guess who is getting married? We are! Officiated by Deven Green with special musical apperances by Tracy Tyler and Manny Capozzi.

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LA County Parks Cancels Annie Sprinkle’s Wedding

It’s a shame that Annie Sprinkle and her wife’s sixth wedding in a series of seven was cancelled by the the LA County Parks. According to a press release, the Parks cited unsafe conditions as […]

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Christian & Oliver – the Wedding

About Christian&Oliver and the saop opera. Finally, the did it! They got married. 🙂  After hundreds of episodes they got married. I hope everyone of us who wants to get married can have fabulous wedding […]

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VIDEO: Christian and Oliver – the Proposal

This week Germany’s most famous gay TV couple Christian and Oliver from the TV show “Verbotene Liebe” (Forbidden Love) will finally get married on September 3rd. If you are interested to watch it you can […]

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VIDEO PODCAST: Coming to Pridefest Milwaukee

Hey! Did you know we’re video blogging again? Hopefully it will become a regular thing.

We’re excited because this weekend is Pridefest Milwaukee, probably the best Pride celebration in the country (June 11-13) with Kathy Griffin, Bruce Vilanch, Patti Labelle and Joan Rivers. Can we talk? Can we talk indeed?

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Let’s Keep Dan Savage Accountable. Shall We?

If you haven’t heard, Crate & Barrel had a $100,000 Ultimate Wedding contest in which couples competed via online voting to win the……get this…..$100,000 Ultimate Wedding!  A gay couple, Gregory and Jonathan came in second!  Finally […]

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