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VIDEO: Now West Hollywood Has Its Own Theme Song

West Hollywood is adding yet another item to its “things most cities don’t have but we do” list: a theme song. The colorful news of the city’s decision to make its rainbow crosswalks permanent had some Angelenos […]

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Gay Bar Mourns Elizabeth Taylor

This moving article just appeared in the New York Times about Elizabeth Taylor’s favorite gay bar in West Los Angeles, The Abbey. She will be missed!

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FOFA #1079 – I Believe in Love B. Scott

Everybody loves Love B. Scott. With over 2.3 million channel views, 30 million views of his videos, he’s one of the top 100 most watched people on YouTube of all time- he reaches a larger audience than most televised daily talk shows.

Listen as B Scott gives us a behind the scenes look at how he comes up with his sassy videos and infectious catch phrases. Will there be a B Scottpedia to keep track of his sassy slogans like “love muffins,” “Bitch boo bye” and “splendiferous?”

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Deven Green is In My Hotel Room

Deven Green and Joel Bryant are in Fausto and Marc’s hotel room in L.A.!

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