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FOF #2697 – Eye Candy Elliott vs Sonny Kiss

When we first saw Eye Candy Elliott working at our local coffeeshop, we never guessed he also moonlighted as a professional wrestler. This Friday, he’s wrestling Sonny Kiss who pummels his opponent’s face with his plump booty. While we are rooting for both guys to win, we sure hope Sonny makes Elliott toss that salad before the match is called.

Today Indie Wrestling star Eye Candy Elliott calls his opponent Sonny Kiss and taunts him just days before the match. Things are tense up in here.

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FOF #2670 – Jaymes Mansfield Gets into Wrestling

Today Jaymes Mansfield, who became viral for tumbling on the mat on Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race joins us to take a look at the wild world of wrestling.

She’s starting a new video project covering wrestling from a drag perspective. Listen as we chat with Jaymes about what televised wrestling and drag have in common.

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FOF #2494 – Eye Candy Elliott Returns to Sweeten it Up

One of our most popular guests last year was the barista from our local coffee shop who we discovered was wrestler Eye Candy Elliott. Since we first had him on, Eye Candy has become quite a sweet sensation in the Midwest grappling scene.

Today, Eye Candy Elliott joins us talk about his recent adventures in wrestling, why it’s more fun to be the bad guy, and why naughty wrestlers need love too.

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FOF #2420 – Make Thanksgiving Great Again

After a very long election year that has divided the country, a lot of us are dreading spending the holiday season with family members who don’t share their same values, but it’s a great opportunity to bridge the divide and give thanks for what you do have in your life.

Today, we’re talking turkey with the very funny Carma Nibarger, a nurse who heals people with the power of comedy and psychotropic drugs.

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FOF #2419 – Get in the Ring with Wrestler Eye Candy Elliott

We thought the guy behind the counter at our local coffee shop was cute so we did what all good thirsty folks do: we searched online his name plus where he worked and we discovered he was a professional wrestler by the name of Eye Candy Elliott.

Today, Elliot Paul joins us to talk about why it’s more fun to be the “bad guy” in wrestling by taunting the audience and the fans with booty shakes and other provocative moves.

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FOF #2303 – Wrestling, Bodybuilding and Fashion

As much as Americans love televised professional wrestling, many dismiss the sport by saying it’s “not real” and that the fights are less painful than they look. But nothing is quite as torturous as some of the wrestler’s fashion choices.

Today comedian Cody Melcher joins us to talk about fashion and televised wrestling. Cody, whose dad was a championship wrestler and bodybuilder, now writes about fashion in wrestling.

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FOF #2195 – Terri Runnels’ Wild World of TV Wrestling

In the mid 90s, wrestling personality Goldust became a sensation for using homophobia as a weapon. His wife at the time, Terri Runnels got in on the act by lampooning the flamboyancy of televised wrestling as his dominatrix manager Marlena.

Today Terri Runnels, joins us to talk about her wild life as a wrestling star!

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FOF #1744 – Chubby Checker

He may have survived segregation, discrimination and even Hurricane Katrina, but musician Chubby Checker is having the fight of his life to reclaim his name.

Chubby Checker is twisting mad over the dubious app that allows you to estimate the size of a man’s penis from his shoe size.

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RuPaul’s Drag Race Becomes Contact Sport

The judges on the last season of RuPaul’s Drag Race may not have agreed with Mimi Imfurst that drag is a contact sport but it looks like they do now.

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Hunky Wrestling Star Hudson Taylor Kicks Butt On and Off the Mat

It’s hunky guys like Hudson Taylor that help me get out of bed every day. The University of Maryland wrestling star kicks butt on and off the mat, ranking No. 3 in the country in […]

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