Cute Boys and Drag Queens Survive the Apocalypse

Apr 25, 2008 · 1985 views

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I am happier than a passing tranny that I will be regularly posting my Polaroids to Feast of Fools! Thank you Fausto and Marc for allowing me to contaminate TastyZine with some of my work. […]


  1. Interesting. How do we celebrate a medium lost to modern technology? We post it on the internets! Will the future refer to Polaroids as analog photography?

  2. defekto says:

    Polaroid is analog photography. What makes it seem digital is that it takes five drag queens to scan it.

  3. lol… I just checked out your website. Great work. I was thinking about how Polaroids make everyone look like a hostage or like a mugshot. Perhaps once the film is gone digital cameras with have a “Polaroid” setting so we can be nostalgic for the embarrassing semi-pornography of the past?

  4. defekto says:

    haa.. thanks. There is definitely something going to be lost with the “dirty” aspect of Polaroid if it all becomes digital. I love “Bedroom Polaroids”. Everyone will def. be nostalgic for something that they can’t have once it’s gone.

  5. dave73 says:

    I personally never dealt much with Polaroid in the way of instant film, but there are others like yourself who will miss it. My Aunt Dawn is one of those who will miss it as she was too cheap to have a roll of 35mm film developed (and that’s about to disappear too, as it’s harder to find). But for me, it won’t be a big loss. I’ve been used to my digital camera and uploading the pics onto my pc, and editing them when needed.

  6. Aren’t they licensing the film? i thought someone else was going to produce, it just won’t be Polaroid.

  7. defekto says:

    Fuji will probably have some form of instant film and Ilford might do something w/ black and white, but it won’t be called Polaroid! I think it’ll be like comparing a strap-on to the real thing.

  8. Well I’m sure the cost wont be the same, so you can expect this to quickly become a novelty, if it isn’t there already.

  9. Polo Drew says:

    It’s sad to see an icon like Polaroid film disappear. I’ve been taking pictures since I was ten (many years ago). I remember taking photos with a Polaroid and in fact I still have a Polaroid camera here in the house. But them I have a bunch of old cameras here. While I’ve switched to digital, I do miss the film days at times. But developing them was lots of work. That was the great thing about Polaroid. It was instant like digital but in a digital age it’s hard compete since they can’t easily be posted or manipulated and the resolution is from days gone by. Max Pixelate!

    Jim , I love the Polaroid coffee book table idea. The Polaroid photos on your site are great, true art. I’ll buy one when you produce it.


  10. defekto says:

    Thanks, Drew. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the photos I post here at FoF.

  11. Robert says:

    Warhol did several books showcasing his polaroids. If he were alive this news would sadden him for sure.

  12. defekto says:

    And you’d be hard pressed to find someone who looked prettier in drag than Andy. The Warhol Museum has a bunch of the Polaroids of him in drag…they are amazing.

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