PHOTO: What Happened In PRISON! Changed Port Charles Forever!

Jan 25, 2011 · 1985 views

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Not sure what’s happning in the world of soap operas these days, like Oprah we do very little except work, work out, and put out the shows. Maybe our sex lives would see a little […]


  1. General Hospital has come a long way from E/R’s and hunky doctors! Here’s the basic story: The guy on the left, Michael, was brain damaged as a kid after getting shot in the head by a bullet that seemed intended for his mobster father Sonny. Michael and Sonny found out that Sonny’s wife Claudia ordered the hit. Claudia kidnapped Michael’s pregnant mother Carly, who went into labor. Michael found them in a cabin after the baby was delivered, killed Claudia with an axe, and then was sent to prison for her murder.

    While in prison last June, “something” traumatic happened to Michael. This “something” has been alluded to a lot this past year, it wasn’t clear if he was raped/beat up/made to watch Jersey Shores, or what. Based on the cover, it seems they are going to explore a male rape story which American daytime has never done before.

    The guy on the right, by the way, is not the guy who did the rape, sorry. His character is Jason, he is Michael’s uncle. After a series of wacky events, Jason was in prison with Michael and knows exactly what “something” happened, and has been trying to help Michael deal with it ever since.

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