Ask Latrice Royale from RuPaul’s Drag Race Anything!

Jun 18, 2012 · 1985 views

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We’re talking with the fabulous Latrice Royale from RuPaul’s Drag Race. This drag queen won over the fans with her warm heart, flawless drag and awesome catchphrases “The shade of it all” and “Jesus is […]


  1. BOB TAYLOR says:

    Tell Latrice that her Promotions Manager would like to know what she thinks of “bunnies”?? She will love this question!! lol

  2. Gabriel Maldonado says:

    Ask Latrice when she will be in Orlando! Her Royale Court should take a trip to disney. 😉

  3. Jewellee Williams says:

    Latrice what tips would you give us “not so skinyy girls” for buying clothes that show off our curves but dont make us look like hookers !

  4. Kittipong says:

    What song is #1 on your iPod right now? Love u, Latrice!

  5. Lucas Anthony May says:

    Hi Latrice, I’m a huge fan of you and I look up to you a lot, and I’d like to know who did you look up to as a teenager the most? Much love, Lucas

  6. Darrell Ferguson says:

    What next for you Latrice ? A LP , your own line of make-up , a fragrance or a line of XXXXXL clothes ?

  7. Adam Zee says:


    If you had to have sex with one character from Steel Magnolias, which one would it be?

    I know, I know, this question is weird because everyone would obviously choose Dolly Parton, but you said ask anything.

    Saving up for one of your necklaces because I love you so (and that shit is to die for),

  8. Chris M says:

    Colored girl, why yo’ face look like chalk?

  9. Jonny treehouse says:

    I live in the UK, would you ever come and visit your fans here?

  10. Rachel says:

    Looking forward to seeing you on Drag U tonight! What is the most important lesson you hope to bring to the show as a Drag Professor to help the “bye-oh-law-gicul” womens turn it out?

  11. What’s her favorite John Waters film?

  12. Mike says:

    Hey, Ms. Royale! What would you say to a woman/queen who can only wear flats and boots because of a medical condition that doesn’t allow her to wear heels?

  13. Joshua says:

    What was your favourite out you wore on the series and which was your least favourite? 😀

  14. Laura Adriana says:

    Latrice! How do you stay so positive? My hardships seems to pile up on me and I can’t break away from all this negativity.

  15. Alexa says:

    If I am mentally a gay man but physically a woman, am I transgender??????

  16. Colton Bise says:

    Latrice, do you ever plan on releasing a single like many of the other queens from RDR? If so, I imagine it will be fierce!

  17. Dominic Mancuso says:

    I find it inspiring how positive Latrice stays so positive when having faced so much adversity. How do you keep going?

  18. Latrice, I can’t help but smile when I think about you. My questions are: who did you connect with on the show the most? If you could, would you do anything differently?

  19. Courtney McAllister (Davenport) says:

    Tell us about your favorite colorguard memories!!!! How do you toss a 6 on rifle with a turn around and not loose a lash? I still remember you and Daniel or Tony running around the floor at rehearsal making up your own shows. My face would hurt from laughing so hard. Love ya! Courtney McAllister (Davenport)

  20. Done taping, thank you babies!

  21. cassiofm says:

    Damn, I was too late :'(

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