Exactly How Much Surgery Has Kim Had Done?

Mar 15, 2011 · 1985 views

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For the record, Kim Kardashian has admitted to getting Botox, though she has denied any plastic surgery on her face or body. I consulted Dr. Jean Gray, from Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, to try […]


  1. She’s gone from Princess Jasmine to Bratz Doll, to something that looks like a “Food Network Challenge” made entirely of fondant.

  2. http://www.self.com/healthystars/2011/04/kim-kardashian-beauty-slideshow#slide=1

    Kim Kardashian tells SELF Magazine: “Rumors don’t bother me anymore,” Kardashian told Self magazine. “I’ve read that I’ve had my lips done. I’ve always had big lips. Look at my baby pictures. It’s ridiculous! Or they’ll show one picture of me today and one tomorrow and say I’ve had my nose done in between. When? Didn’t you just see me yesterday? And how many times have I ‘had my butt done?’ People’s logic is so weird. I don’t know why they bother. You can’t worry about all the gossip.”

    She then added, “My hair tricks are that I don’t wash it every day, which helps it shine. I also switch up the shampoo I use all the time.”

    Kim, where is this miracle shampoo that: lightens skin, gives you a cute button nose, creates cheekbones and smooths all the fine baby hairs for a cleaner forehead? Also, do they make a cream rinse for my ass?

    Check out her web of lies, bullshit and deceit in this months SELF Magazine!

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