Are Tears a Turn-On?

Jan 6, 2011 · 1985 views

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Scientists discover that women’s tears lower men’s testosterone levels thereby turning them off sexually, but I’ve often noticed that straight guys cry to win the affection of women. What do you think? What’s it like […]


  1. Every time you cry I lose my hard on.

  2. Komio says:

    Maybe it’s just be but I always got hard when I’ve made people cry … Hmm

  3. seawall says:

    I’m turned off by anyone crying. If it’s someone I care about I’ll hug them, but there’s nothing tingly going on downstairs. I can’t think of any examples of male tears winning over women except in some films.

    • Seems all my girlfriends would have problems with their boyfriends and then the guys would cry and the ladies would take them back.

      • seawall says:

        Ah, that sort of thing. I suppose it’s more like women are aware how uncomfortable their male partners are expressing emotions, so if they go so far as to cry, it means they must mean really mean a lot to them.

        Although the last time one of my girlfriends took back her guy because he cried, we ended up having to call campus security on him and barricade the entrance to the dorm. I’m gonna have to stick with “turn off”, I think.

  4. Andy says:

    Definitely a turn off, sex is the last thing I would think about when someone is crying. Unless you really enjoy Schadenfreude I suppose it is “normal” to be turned off by tears.

    But it is a turn on once the person recovered and can laugh again.

  5. depends on what the other person is crying about too. If a guy is usually strong but then cry to me one day, I would feel really good because he trust me that much to show me his vulnerable side. But if it is a whining type of person, definitely a turn off

  6. seawall says:

    Actually, what I’d like to see a study for is if same-sex couples and het couples share the tendency for one spouse to die shortly after another has, due to apparently nothing other than grief. I’ll bet that they do, but since such things are usually determined by insurers it’s gone undocumented and unacknowledged. :\

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