BREAKING: GetEqual disrupts House Education & Labor Committee–third action in as many days

Apr 21, 2010 · 1985 views

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For the third time in as many days, GetEqual has brought attention to the LGBT concerns that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and the disaster of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” won’t be dealt with in this […]


  1. Blabbeando brings us this great picture!

  2. I so hope that they are going to make this an all week thing that would be wonderful.

  3. Chickengirl says:

    my only fear is that these politicians are going to get fed up with these interruptions and just group GetEqual into the “crazy obnoxious people” category and ignore what they have to say…or just arrest/remove them on the spot when they show up to a hearing…

    • Crazy people do not get ignored- look how much press the Tea Party gets.

      • Chickengirl says:

        yeah but what the Tea Party says say isn’t going to effect any lawmaking unless the folks in the White House are retarded….GetEqual is making a fuss over something important..if they get get brushed off because they are seen as being nothing more than annoyance that isn’t really helping the cause to get these important laws made….

        of course GetEqual is only one group and their interruptions haven’t been too extreme…..yet.

  4. @ Chickengirl- That doesn’t make any sense- the squeaky wheel gets the grease. They aren’t going to get brushed off.

    • The politicians are smart. They can delineate between GetEqual and the whole community. I am sure they understand that not every gay was in the room there with them. At the same time, they might not be aware of how personal SOME of us take this. Therefore, its a great idea to get in their faces with these actions. We need to stay visible and be a bit of a nuisance so that they don’t forget about us… again!

  5. It worked for PETA, it’s gonna work for us! You keep screaming, GetEqual! The only thing I would be afraid of is that in the midst of trying to get attention they loose sigh of the message. It’s easy to do when you do things like chain yourself to a structure. I like interrupting meetings though, gets that whole “If you wont listen we’ll come to you” kind of vibe. Love it!

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