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FOF #1966 – Calpernia Tells it Like it Is

Right now there’s a lot of heated discussion happening over trans language and respect, most of it focusing on pop culture and media– with Calpernia Addams caught in the middle of it, as a Hollywood consultant and as a trans woman.

Listen as we talk with Calpernia Addams about why she’s been misquoted and maligned lately as just a “drag queen” and a sell-out.

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FOF #1806 – It’s OK to Yell at Michelle

Oh no she didn’t! First Lady Michelle Obama got pissed when angry lesbian activist Ellen Sturtz from the group GetEqual heckled her at a fundraiser held in a private home. Michelle got up in the woman’s face, saying it was either her way or the highway. The activist was escorted out and the party went on.

Today we’re taking a look at why gay folks are upset that one of their own heckled the First Lady.

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GetEQUAL has our attention–now what?

GetEQUAL keeps getting better and better at getting our gay attention, and making politicians nervous, but they’re losing the mainstream media. Are politicians asking themselves “Why is GetEQUAL mad at me,” when they should be asking “Why are the queers mad at me?”

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Get ready to salute ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ goodbye

The stars may finally be aligning–we may be about to see DADT and the military ban on gays go the way of the dodo.

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BREAKING: 13 activists arrested in Sen. Durbin’s office

Thirteen LGBT rights activists from Chicago were arrested Thursday morning during a sit-in in Senator Durbin’s office to encourage the Senator to become a leader on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act in the Senate. The activists […]

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BREAKING: GetEqual disrupts House Education & Labor Committee–third action in as many days

For the third time in as many days, GetEqual has brought attention to the LGBT concerns that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and the disaster of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” won’t be dealt with in this […]

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TN State Representative Phil Roe Reponds to Enda.

Okay…so here’s the thing – I’m not typically a political person at all…but I’m becoming more involved lately. I’ve also started adorning my “activist shoes” so to speak when it comes to raising awareness about […]

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Take Action: Illinois Rightwingers Want to Gut LGBT Protections

In 2005, a broad coalition of labor, LGBT, and progressive activists from across the state of Illinois joined together to form “The 85% Coalition” to pressure the legislature to pass an inclusive amendment to the […]

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FOF #1096 – Summer Nettles, Had Me a Blast

We met Summer Nettles at a haunted house this past Halloween and fell in love. Summer works as a talk radio personality and producer on Chicago’s 1035 Kiss FM.

She’s on today’s show talking about how she handles all the celebrity guests that come to her station and how she wooed the fabulous Wendy Williams to come in and tape an interview.

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Call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121

In DC, make their phone ring! It’s time to let your Representatives know that you are counting on them for their support in passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, or as we like to call it, […]

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