SHOW #12 – Shock Jock

Oct 19, 2007 · 1985 views

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Yeow! I really hadn’t gotten a good nights sleep the day before we taped this live show at the Akbar in Silver Lake, California and I was feeling a bit tired in the middle of […]


  1. Maia says:

    That was SO much better with facial expressions! Love it!

  2. michael says:

    What does it feel like to be tazed? Will this catch on as a FoF fetish, or are sploshing and forced feminization still on top?

  3. We’re trying to combine all three fetishes- cake sitting, forced feminization and electro shock.

  4. Being tased felt exactly what you think it would feel like: SHOCKING! Everyone has one time or another been electrocuted, no?

    I certainly hope that ME being buzzed doesn’t catch on, but I can tell you from being there that the whole audience was sitting on pins and needles wondering if I was going to pass out or something.

    Afterwards, I didn’t need to drink any energy drinks, I was LIT like a candle.

  5. Cassiano says:

    Kylie Minogue always sings “Shocked by the power…” and now I know what she means!
    Love you guys!
    Thanks for make my life better!

  6. Billy says:

    Fun video.

    Question for Buzz: how does a “taser/electrocution fetishist” go about broaching the subject with a new partner? And what kind of reaction do you usually get? I’m probably just a prude, but I imagine sexualized tasering might be a deal-breaker every now and then.

  7. Buzz says:

    Good question Billy!

    It’s funny you ask now as I had to do just this with my current boyfriend and my response to you is not limited to just “Electro-play” either.

    It’s all in the communication with your partner. I just didn’t decide one day to get into electro. It took alot of time and observation of others before I asked to try it. I also did some research with it. Electro play is, what I consider, a more form of advanced BDSM play as well as dangerous if you’re not careful.

    Anyways, my boyfriend knows I’m a kinky one. I’ve been very open about what I like and what I don’t from day one of us dating. His first reaction was one of “that’s kinda hot, but….” I quickly mentioned that just because I’m into it, he didn’t have to feel pressured to be. You should never be ‘ashamed’ of your kinks and/or fetishes around new partners and you NEVER pressure those newbies into it. This gave him a comfort feeling and a big curiosity factor of what I get into so it created more communication between us, not to mention TRUST. I actually had him ask me to play with some of my personal electro gear and he found it interesting.

    I expressed what I get out of it to him and just recently he saw me in action as I did an electro demo this past Friday for a local BDSM club. There, he got a first hand look at what the gear/toys were, my reactions are to the dom, what I look like, and what it does for me. This helped him get that glimpse of what it’s really like and gave him a sort of ‘comfort’ zone.

    As with mentioning any kind of kink or “non-vanilla” things, you just have to be open and honest. Never lie about it. There are those who do not get into the BDSM and/or Kinky lifestyle and that’s okay! I find that those who really say “I think that’s sick” or “That’s not normal” have NEVER even seen it done! It’s like saying you don’t like brocolli and you never even tasted it! But also remember, not everyone is going to want to be placed into situations they are not comfortable with. NEVER force your kink and/or fetish onto anyone, it’s just rude to do.

    If you have any BDSM clubs in your area that do “classes” or “demos” at your local bars/clubs or if your local Gay & Lesbian Pride festival has a “Leather” tent or area, I’d really suggest taking your parnter to just “watch” and maybe suggesting that it would be kind of “fun” or “interesting” to try something new. I’ve had tons of onlookers ask me questions after a demo and I’m always willing to show them what it feels like.

    You also have to remember something important; not all BDSM, kink, or fetishisim is for pure sexual release for everyone! Trust me, there are ways to “get off” with these, but in my situation I’m in it for the pure adreniline rush you get from playing. I believe Fausto mentioned feeling like he didn’t need a Red Bull to keep awake for the rest of the night after I zapped him only twice. Do some foreplay with electricty (or any other kink) and the sex can be the best ever!

    ALSO: LEARN about your fetish/kink play BEFORE you venture into it with a partner! Especially if neither of you have actually had it done to them or did it to others! It can actually be a great bonding (excuse the pun) for you and your partner to explore this together and get to know each other at a higher level!

    If you’re the one with experience, introduce your partner to your kink with first commuication, then maybe a little observation, and if things click actual play! 🙂 BE SAFE, SANE, AND CONSENSUAL!

    Hope this answers your question!
    I’m available for more if you want!


  8. Billy says:

    Thanks Buzz! You really can learn everything you’ll ever need to know from the Feast of Fools!

  9. Buzz says:

    Awh shucks… You’re welcome!

    I sometimes feel like the “kinky correspondent” for the FOF 🙂

  10. Polo Drew says:

    No fetish will go unexplored here at the Feast of Fetishes 🙂

    JK Fausto. It was really great seeing that in video. Much better than just listening to it. You could tell on the video that you had just come up with it on the spot. You looked really nervous — just like a first timer. Thanks for being brave and sharing new experiences with us. Very cool to have the FoF to show us new experiences.

    And Buzz thanks for bringing a little kink to the FoF. It’s great to have such an active community.


  11. ALX8254 says:

    Thank you Fausto for being so brave.

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