FOF #633 – Is Swearing Good for You?

Oct 18, 2007 · 1985 views

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Nuttyfudgeskins! Freakin’ frackin’!Corn sarn it! Like it or hate it, cursing may actually be good for you. A recent study by a British University on 100 British and American people found that cursing actually can […]



    Yes… yes it is.

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  3. punctuation minimalism ftw

  4. I think I swear inmynext segment! It was a stress releiver!

  5. Patchouli, what does “ftw” stand for?

  6. Ventura79 says:

    Great Fucking Show!
    I fucking Love Swearing, i find it relaxing it releases tension! (saca la presion! i love it when u say that Fausto) But where was I , oh yeah fucking swearing, yeah my favorite words to say are Cunt, Bitch, Whore, Asshole, Fuck You, Shit, you know the good old holy words.

    Jimmy i love the blog Im gonna feature you on my blog that way all the gays get their faguloz tips!!!

    Marc I love to hear you laugh it cracks me up, Loved the show today it was the SHIT! informative and Bitchin’ !


  7. jimberly says:

    Aint you sweet Ventura. I love the Faguloz and will def put it on the LifeLube blog….

  8. Who’s coming to the world of Chocolate with us?

  9. if i were in chicago i totally would go to the world of chocolate.

    FUCK YEAH!!!

  10. Xavi says:

    Excellent excellent show. Definitely have Jim on more often!! I laughed, I agreed, I disagreed, I laughed some more. Keep up the great work.

    ps..I really enjoyed the show in SF! the best part was hanging out with all of you afterward.

  11. Billy says:

    Love the shows with Jim Pickett. He talks about important issues and has a great positive energy to him.

    I’m also a fan of the guy standing behind the cake in the World of Chocolate picture above. But that’s an entirely different story….

  12. I”ll be painting live at the WOC..please stop by and say hello!!!

  13. timr says:

    Loved the show. i put on the ipod and took a long walk to listen to the show. Great guest. Jim Pickett is a gifted listener and communicator. How well he managed to put things into perspective while pushing safety and especially communication. What a perfect message to use when talking about HIV and AIDS.
    then at the end of the program you played a song and it was the ideal music for the mood i was in and the walk i was taking through neighborhoods of low white mediteranean houses with red-tile roofs and plants and palm trees everywhere.

    my favorite curse words to use when i’m on the train and then on my way to work in rome on my scooter are: cunt fucker, puttana di merda and deficiente dii merda. i know the first two items might seem mysoginistic, but for me “cunt fucker” is usually applied to men whom i imagine use the concept “ass fucker” everyday when they say vaffanculo. and cursing in english here does have some advantage. i just have to be careful the italian versions don’t slip out when one thinks the sounds are only coming out inside your head. cursing is very looked down upon here in any even semi-formal exchange (say you’re really fighting with a horrible checkout lady who’s totally insulted you and you say vaffanculo everyone will stop and stare in shock at you). yet they use these terms all the time in joking and telling stories or complaining to someone about something on a personal level, but never outside that. in america we’re much more used to it in many situations. and in ireland fuck is more common than “you know” is in the usa.

    again, great show. thanks.

  14. timr says:

    oh, i forgot. how about a music episode where you guys play the best songs out of those you haven’t used before (or present something new) and talk between songs, but mainly just play your favorite music.

  15. michael says:

    Great discussion. Jim Pickett was a very interesting guest. Just one little bone to pick with him – it was really not a nice thing to mock Fausto about his sigmatism. Actually I think it´s kind of sssweet 🙂

  16. jimberly says:

    So glad a bunch of you enjoyed this episode. I always have fun with the boys and love to hang out with them and blabber. Its nice to be able to discuss serious issues like gay men’s health and HIV and have FUN and LAUGH at the same time. Besides, when they book me I usually end up working from home – only a few blocks from them – and so I get to skip one awful commute on our strained and agonizing public transit system. I hope you all do take a look at our gay men’s health blog – We launched in February and really want to be a place on the web where you can get good info and enjoy yourself at the same time with plenty of visual stimulation and occasional goofy shit for levity and balance. If you like what you see/read, let me know. We are running profiles of readers who like the site and you could be next… The blog is available as a subscription via email and reader, so please check it out hons if you haven’t already!

  17. jimberly says:

    Shhhhhhhucks, I typed in the F’in blog URL wrong!


  18. JoshPoz says:

    Great discussion, and I really like Jim’s take on HIV and dating. It is realistic, reasonable and great advice for someone like me who is trying to figure out dating from a new vantage point. Thanks Jim!

  19. ,blockquote>not a nice thing to mock Fausto about his sigmatism. Actually I think it´s kind of sssweet
    I think it is sweet too.

    I had to look up “sigmatism” which is – a defective pronunciation of sibilant sounds. Also a sort of “lisping”, and hissing.
    But, in Fausto’s case, I think its from growing up in a Spanish speaking island and not really a lisp.

  20. Loved the discussion on HIV and dating.

    My late husband and I remained in a loving relationship for several years after he tested positive. His diagnosis changed our relationship very little. We remained together until I took a job in another city and he chose not to come with me. We stayed in touch and continued to be close, spending weekends together etc., until he got very sick and refused to allow me to see him anymore.

    That being said, I would not start a relationship with a man that I knew was HIV positive. But it is purely for selfish reasons, I know that I would not easily handle the emotions involved. However, if I was already involved with someone who then tested positive, I would not abandon him. Being HIV+ is not the death sentence now that it was then, but having been through it and loosing someone I loved so much to such a terrible disease, has had a permanent effect on my life and I dont know that I have the strength to do it again.

  21. OMG Fausto! “Leprosy and violent diarhea?” I practically crashed my car laughing. That was awesome.

  22. Curtis says:

    Great show. I guess I’m a little behind in listening (I’m always about 2-4 shows behind it seems). Thanks for addressing my comments from the previous show. I’m not sure the discussion on this episode necessarily entirely captured exactly what I was trying to address, but I appreciate it anyway. It’s a difficult thing to try to completely capture each others full meaning and intent from sound bites or comments. I would likely have to write several paragraphs to explain myself and then nobody would read it anyway. That’s the nature of these things I guess.

    I love that the show can address serious issues and light hearted ones, I love the balance that is always struck. Fausto and Marc are simply genius podcasters! Thanks again.

  23. Curtis says:

    One more quick thing for clarification. When I’m commenting on the threads and on shows I’m doing so as just plain old Curtis Jensen, not as “Curtis Jensen, Marketing Director of Steamworks” My opinions are not those of Steamworks but my own.

  24. jimberly says:

    Curtis, I for one would be interested in what you had wanted to express. And judging from the discussion on this thread, I think others would pay attention also!


  25. Katers says:

    LMAO I loved that comment that Jim said (I think it was Jim)… “I gotta a little tray of haught-dawgs”. That made me laugh SO much. I wanna make that into a ringtone 😛

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