Video Clips from “Generation You” – a Live Podcast Forum

May 21, 2009 · 1985 views

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Last night your pals (that’s us) & joined forces to create a live podcast community forum at the Center on Halsted: “Generation You, Bridging the Gap” May 20, 2009. Video produced by Jason […]


  1. mmmm..! who were those two tasty looking guys with the sunglasses on their shaved heads?

  2. Of course we hug out with them after the event.

  3. Patricia Fernós says:

    I have news for you ‘elders’ who want to hang out with cute young things at clubs but can’t stand the noise – get ETY ear plugs for about $10 on! They cut out all the annoying sounds but let you enjoy the music! They are also called ER 20 plugs. The nice person sitting next to me while we waited to get on the plane coming back to Austin swears by them. It’s certainly worth a try! I’m gettin’ me some too! Let us know if they work out! Yeah, now ‘golden oldies’ can hang out with young people in loud venues and still enjoy being there!

  4. Arturomus says:

    Funny, Witty, Sleepy, Tired
    Sibling of Nathan
    Lover of Olivia
    Who fears Water
    Who needs Love
    Who gives Anger
    Who would like to see Rome
    Resident of Virginia

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