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FOF #2543 – Zombie Bathhouse A Go-Go

Zombies are usually portrayed as mindless creatures who crave human flesh to survive, but in the new musical, Zombie Bathhouse, the undead still crave human flesh, they just don’t necessarily want to swallow.

Today, the creators of Zombie Bathhouse, Brian Kirst and Scott Free, join us to talk about how to survive a zombie outbreak at a bathhouse with a little song and dance.

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FOF #1862 – Coco Peru Comes to Chicago

One of our favorite guests is Coco Peru, best known for her hilarious appearances in the films Too Wong Foo and Trick where she famously says “It BURNS!”

Today, Coco Peru joins us to talk about her live talk show series with celebrated artists like Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Karen Black and the life lessons we’ve learned from interviewing these big but approachable stars.

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FOF #1482 – Sparkle On Precious Jewel

Today we’re talking to a fabulous drag queen and trans girl Precious Jewel, who took on the responsibility to help her neighborhood become a better place by helping out our young people.

PHOTOS: Let’s Get Freaky – Live Podcast Forum from the Center on Halsted

Did you miss our last live podcast forum in Chicago? Check out these fabulous pics taken by Edward Negron for Check out the slideshow:

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Special Edition FOF: Let’s Get Freaky

Of all the live podcast forums we’ve done with Lifelube, one of the best received was Tunnel of Love, where people probed deeply and asked anything they wanted from sex experts and doctors about their booty.

Today we’re going to get our freak on and try to answer as many questions you have here and at home about sex.

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Have Pride? Say Why and Make a Difference!

This morning,’s “Chicago ♥’s Trivia” blog posted about 8 anti-gay activists who turned out to be gay. Needless to say, some homophobic comments started appearing.  So, to keep the post positive, Bloggers Cate Manning […]

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In Response to Racist Blog Post About Boystown Crime.

On 5/23, this was posted on in reference to local Boystown eatery Pie Hole Pizza-Joint closing soon. While I’m not one to get too involved in Boystown politics, it occured to me that viewpoints like these […]

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Special Edition FOF: Taking Pleasure Back

When talking about sex and gay men, the fear of danger, diseases and risk usually become the focus. Why does it have to be this way? Why not talk about the fantastic sex we do have? After all, being gay is not just good, it’s fabulous.

Join us live from the Center on Halsted with a panel of experts as we explore desire and ways we can be intimate, sensual and loving with each other.

Special Edition FOF: Generation You

Much like society in general, the gay community is stratified along age lines. Gay men are living longer than ever and some older folks feel disconnected to the younger generations that have not had the […]

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Video Clips from “Generation You” – a Live Podcast Forum

Last night your pals (that’s us) & joined forces to create a live podcast community forum at the Center on Halsted: “Generation You, Bridging the Gap” May 20, 2009. Video produced by Jason […]

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