Microsoft’s Lame Attempt at Making a Viral Video Captures Shoplifter Stealing

Nov 18, 2009 · 1985 views

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This is how not to build buzz for your company. But did a video of Microsoft store employee’s impromptu awkward dance in the middle of their new stores accidentally captured someone shoplifting. Hilarious! Check her […]


  1. RcktMan says:

    GOD that was awful! Oprah did it RIGHT. These guys SUCK.

    Might as well take something, they’re barely paying attention to their dance routine.

  2. EagleEye says:

    Her and her two girlfriends can be seen clearly coming in from the mall to join in the skit dance. She had the package already in her hands and in order to clap she places the earlier bought package (from another shop) into her purse in order to participate.

    She and her mates never come into contact with any items in the said store in that short a time-span.

    Once again making issues of nothing … I know dear that life can be boring and uneventful but making up little dramatic sagas is so lame and so yesterday. Get a life.

    • Looks like someone peed in someone’s Muesli’s this morning. Isn’t it just more fun to believe she stole it?

      And who appointed you the judge of what’s “yesterday” or what constitutes a “life” anyway? Be nice and respectful or your getting “THE HOUSE.”


      • EagleEye says:

        Yes, you are so right … hey by the way – did I happen to mention that this morning I actually saw two unicorns driving a volkswagen bus into the Vatican parking lot.

        Oh – you’re so right, I’m sorry … make believe is so much more fun.

        Gotta run now … I’m taking my magic carpet for a spin tonight.

      • EagleEye says:

        Sorry … I live in Europe.

        I don’t know the phrase “getting the house” or what that photo is.

      • We kill witches with houses in American folklore.

  3. Blueboi says:

    That is INCREDIBLY lame. This might spread around but probably not for the reason Microsoft intended
    I love the guy nervously walking out at 1:33 :p

    I couldn’t really tell if the girl was holding anything on entering (apart from her handbag). The title should really have been about the viral video attempt alone.

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