VIDEO: Addams Family Musical Retooled

Apr 7, 2010 · 1985 views

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The retooled Addams Family Musical was on Letterman the other night. Wonder how much of the squid they cut out? Wonder if Jackie is still pissed about her role? –Thanks Michael


  1. Michael says:

    Here’s a much longer clip with more scenes from the show….I can’t say that it helps it at all. The only “good” song I thought was Uncle Festers and of course it’s not included in this reel.

    I couldn’t embed it for some reason – funky HTML, so you’ll need to do the old fashioned thing and click on it!

  2. Michael says:

    As for Jackie Hoffman, she was the one of the few “callouts” in the reviews that came out yesterday. Someone said that she was the only one able to “pull off a laugh everytime on stage”. Most reviews have been terrible, my favorite is the one that starts with:

    “Imagine, if you dare, the agonies of the talented people trapped inside the collapsing tomb called “The Addams Family.”

    Now I wanna go see it again to see how it could have gotten worse than when I saw it!

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