Shave Years Off Your Face With a Safety Razor and Coconut Oil

Sep 28, 2012 · 1985 views

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There’s something remarkable about extra-virgin coconut oil, which makes a wonderful lotion to shave your face with. Watch as Marc Felion shaves years off his face by shaving with a safety razor and coconut oil.


  1. Interesting. I heard a lot about facial cleansing with coconut oil, so against my best judgment, I tried it. Oh wow, that one bit me in the ass… well… face. Glad it works for you. Maybe I will try this with argan oil. Still cheaper than botox.

  2. cassiofm says:

    I was cringing the whole time waiting for the moment you were gonna cut yourself. Fortunately it didnt happen!
    But what about those little hairs on your face that arent part of the beard? Arent they gonna grow and turn you into Chewbacca?

  3. Patrick says:

    So I wanted to try it out so I went out and bought some coconut oil yesterday then came home and steamed my face. Then shaved my whole face with coconut oil only. It felt great! I surprised I could actually save my facial hair with the oil only and I didn’t get an razor burn!
    Thanks Marc!

  4. I’ve also tried shaving my face…but not with coconut oil..I’ve been using Dr. Weil facial cleanser by Orgins. Where could I get coconut oil, how much is it usually?

  5. Robert and I found the coconut oil at Trader Joe’s I tried it this morning, but I think I was a bit over-zealous. My face was red all day, plus I made the mistake of putting on my usual moisturizer (Amlactin). Talk about sting!!! Next time, I’ll be a bit more gentle while “shaving”.

  6. Justin Carr says:

    I use to shave twice per day and since using coconut oil and a shaving tool and a balm, I only shave once per day!

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