Cooking with Drag Queens Trailer – Season One

Apr 8, 2015 · 1985 views

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Drag queens are awesome. Cooking shows are awesome. Cooking with Drag Queens combines the two into a fabulous web series where you get to know your favorite queens better and meet some fabulous new gals.


  1. teacher44 says:

    This makes me so happy. First, that you had a great idea and were able to push through all the formidable obstacles and bring it to fruition. Then, I just can’t wait to see what content you are bringing us. The notion that food and the kitchen carry all kinds of sociological, anthropological and cultural information is an enduring one. I am anticipating what it will look like to bring this idea into the world of drag as something other than a comedic device. Not that I am expecting some kind of academic treatise. I am sure that you will bring your trademark “Feast of Fun” elements of entertainment. But from the way I have heard you talk about your intentions with this series, I am also expecting to learn more about the humanity and individuality of your drag queen costars. Congratulations to you as the creators of Cooking with Drag Queens, and to all of us who are about to be the beneficiaries of your creativity.

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