No. Lady Gaga Will NOT Be Joining the Arizona Boycott.

Jul 22, 2010 · 37634 views

A little over a month ago, I blogged about the speculation over Lady Gaga joining the Arizona boycott. We now have a definitive answer. No she is not joining the boycott as her Phoenix, AZ concert on July 31st will go on as usual.

While slightly disapointing, this isn’t totally surprising. Big budget tours are often times so entangled in binding contractual agreements with vendors, artists, and venues that, aside from a doctor’s order that an artist cannot perform, the show must go on. Money talks.

This news come weeks after the news that Lady Gaga WOULD be joining a boycott of BP over the oil spill by not utilizing BP’s gas stations for her buses on tour. Though that boycott has since been criticized as misguided and hurting the wrong people, since many of the stations are independently owned, and BP oil is used by many stations other than those branded as such.

There is a unique opportunity here, however. As a comment on my last post proposed, Lady Gaga should put a positive spin on this event by using it as a fundraising opportunity for the opposition to SB1070. Commenter “Sha” goes on to mention that July 23-30 is National Week Against Criminalization, and many events will be held for this week of action.


  1. Marc Felion says:

    She’s dead to me now. Just kidding- you do what you can.

  2. RyanJustice says: is getting their asses handed to them via comments from activists condemning their “anti-Lady Gaga boycotting Arizona” post….its shaping up to be another haves vs. have nots gay fight. It’s getting good too!

    Like sands through the hourglass, these are the gays of our lives…..

  3. Horace Aselage says:

    Hehe wow I don’t know what to believe but this looks really nice , I really want it to air. Everybody thinks different stuff about it but I have always loved it.

  4. Jeremiah Stockley says:

    The oil spill in the gulf is undoubtedly one of the most terrible atrocities of our current millennium. While the attack of 9/11 was constrained within that small area of ground zero, this oil spill has effects all the way out across the sea, upon innocent animals, formerly beautiful coastline and also local tourism and other industry. I truly pray that this atrocity is resolved as soon as possible.

  5. John says:

    Why aren’t more people upset is my question? Is the BP oil spill just not sexy anymore?

  6. Sharice Cofone says:


  7. Avelina Venable says:

    Lmao, this is why I adore Lady Gaga.

  8. Euna Peffer says:

    Last but not least the war in the middle east stopped. It’s a good day for America.

  9. Central Park Zoo says:

    New York is a town that I’m longing to visit again. This time I’ll bring a better camera that will actually work. Took alot of pictures for Statue of Liberty but my camera didnt really store them :/.

  10. Naomi says:

    Makes you wonder why she would bother about the buses and BP. It won’t make that much difference overall.

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