Will Lady GaGa Join the Arizona Boycott?

Jun 14, 2010 · 1985 views

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Lady GaGa is loyal to her fans, no question about that.  But the question of the day is whether she will stand against SB1070, the new Arizona immigration law. Recently, sentiment has been growing for […]


  1. Curtis says:

    The almost universal music boycotts of South Africa (particularly the resort center of Sun City with it’s casino and showrooms) was an important part of ending apartheid. While SB1070 isn’t as completely grotesque as apartheid was it’s int he same spirit and motivated by the same kind of racism and xenophobia that eventually resulted in the full formal separation of races. Lady Gaga should not play Arizona.

    • Mark says:

      Are you out of your mind, to compare the apartheid to what is taking place in Arizona? All SB 1070 is doing is enforcing the Federal Law on a state level so that it is enforcable, otherwise illegal immigrants are let off with little more than a ticket. Xenophobia and racism have nothing to do with a violation of the law, and to say an artist like Lady Gaga shouldn’t perform here is heinous. Her fans have no control over the law, the majority of her fans are under the age of 18.

  2. Joey Y says:

    I personally don’t think she should cancel the tour at all. While the law may not work with the sensibilities of certain areas of the country, it has overwhelming support in AZ for a reason. Things are really getting out of control, and the state is put in a position where they can’t depend on the federal government to do their job, so this is their next step. Punishing people for being fed up with people who aren’t supposed to be here is ludicrous, since you’re essentially telling the government not to enforce its own laws, or choose which ones they want to enforce. That’s not how the country operates. If she doesn’t play there, what happens? Her fans miss out, but they won’t suddenly want illegal immigrants running through their backyards at night to get her to play there.

  3. andy says:

    “All SB 1070 is doing is enforcing the Federal Law on a state level so that it is enforcable”

    are you retarded? This is not “enforcing Federal Law”, crossing the border illegally is a Federal misdeamenor on the level of speeding. This law actually makes it a felony to do that.

  4. Sha says:

    If she won’t cancel, how about instead turning it into a fundraiser for the organizers in Arizona?! July 23-30 is National Week Against Criminalization… how ’bout a positive spin and asking her to JOIN the week of action and take a stand?

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