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FOF-Inspired QTalk Arizona Turns 100!

We brought our friends Marc and Fausto onto the “Joe and Babe Show” to talk about the past, present and future of podcasting.  

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VIDEO: Phoenix Drag Queen Barbra Seville Takes on Jan Brewer

Barbra makes me proud of Phoenix drag. (If you’re in town, see her show at Forbidden in Scottsdale.) Here Barbra (half drag, half not) shows us how Jan Brewer prepared for the now infamous debate.

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Magic Crystal Ball Says: Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Loses Job in November

Come November there are going to be several elections that will be watched very closely. With the economy down, and the hyperbole running high on both sides, its not too far fetched to predict there […]

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FOF #1229 – I Wish I Knew How to Quit You

Today’s is the big day when the Big Gay Judge Walker in California electronically files his decision on the legality of “Proposition 8” -where a majority of voters in California voted to take away the State’s ability to issue same sex marriage licenses.

And guess what? We’ve got our predictions! Find out how the crow will caw. Plus all the hot news.

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Lady Gaga Addresses AZ Boycott via Tweet Prior to Performing

If you’ve been following along, I’ve been keeping an eye on Lady Gaga and the AZ Boycott.  For awhile, anti-SB1070 folks speculated that she would participate, then were disapointed when news broke that the concert […]

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No. Lady Gaga Will NOT Be Joining the Arizona Boycott.

A little over a month ago, I blogged about the speculation over Lady Gaga joining the Arizona boycott. We now have a definitive answer. No she is not joining the boycott as her Phoenix, AZ concert […]

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Will Lady GaGa Join the Arizona Boycott?

Lady GaGa is loyal to her fans, no question about that.  But the question of the day is whether she will stand against SB1070, the new Arizona immigration law. Recently, sentiment has been growing for […]

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La Ley Arizona

This cartoon rocks!

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The LGBT Angle on Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant Bill

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer doesn’t only have it in for undocumented immigrants, like Illinois’ own immigrant-hater Jim Oberweis, she’s opposed to equal rights for same-sex couples too.  And despite his recent words, is President Obama […]

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So… what happened at Senator McCain’s office?

In case you missed it… Today at 5:00pm in Phoenix Arizona, there is going to be a rally at Senator McCain’s office in support of the five activists who were arrested today at noon, Phoenix […]

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