The LGBT Angle on Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant Bill

Apr 28, 2010 · 1985 views

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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer doesn’t only have it in for undocumented immigrants, like Illinois’ own immigrant-hater Jim Oberweis, she’s opposed to equal rights for same-sex couples too.  And despite his recent words, is President Obama […]


  1. The best part about this is how apprently my entire state legislature doesn’t see how this makes them look horribly bad in the eyes of the rest of the nation. As an Arizona resident I’d like to say that no, we don’t all think that racial profilling is just part of law enforement. Though, our koo-koo pants state sherriff is a complete bigot and, I’m sure, absolutly loving the new racist freedoms that his deputies can now abuse. If you want to know more about the horrible “toughest cop in the coutry” check the Arizona New Times.

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