FOF #1229 – I Wish I Knew How to Quit You

Aug 4, 2010 · 1985 views

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Today’s is the big day when the Big Gay Judge Walker in California electronically files his decision on the legality of “Proposition 8” -where a majority of voters in California voted to take away the State’s ability to issue same sex marriage licenses.

And guess what? We’ve got our predictions! Find out how the crow will caw. Plus all the hot news.


  1. warning says:

    parts of arzona have warning signs saying danger zones due to mexican drug cartels and human traffiking.

    search arizona danger signs

  2. warning says:

    hfcs contains mercury

  3. webby686 says:

    In the Twin Cities, the Target is beloved. So many people I know work at the cooperate offices or in the stores, and generally people almost have a sense of pride in the Minnesota based company. It’s ubiquitous. I don’t think a boycott would really do too much. As to Marc’s comment about groceries at Target, at least in Minnesota they have SuperTarget which does include full grocery with fresh produce and a deli.

    Moreover, my sense of the politics in Minnesota right now is that the next governor will be a Democrat. Pawlenty fucked up the state enough for eight years. It’s still a competitive primary, but former Senator Mark Dayton will probably be the nominee, who is very pro gay. Ironically, Dayton’s family started the department store Dayton’s, which was later bought by Target.

  4. Fausto, the voters in Arizona never elected Jan Brewer. We overwhelming elected Janet Napolitano whom Obama chose to be Secretary of Homeland Security. When Janet left, Jan became governor by default, not election.

    Arizona does have illegal immigration problems (not nearly as bad as Jan and the other wacky right-wing politicians make it sound) and a lot of people in Arizona are frustrated. The moderate voices in Arizona advocate for immigration reform. SB1070 did nothing to address the real problems, and that’s one of the reasons I oppose it and actively fight against it. (And a federal judge just struck down the most odious parts of the bill.)

    Jan Brewer and her flying monkeys know how to pander to their base with fear and emotion, but she does not represent me or the moderate majority of Arizonans.

    • OK Seth. I’ll call of my boycott of you! 🙂

      • That’s a plus. 🙂

        It’s easy for everyone to pick on Arizona (and I’m still mad at the HRC and they have not replied to my emails) but those boycotting Arizona must also boycott California. Let’s not forget the people of California voted to rescind rights from their own citizens. Arizonans did not vote on this issue, it was forced on us by a woman we never elected.

        If people want to boycott Arizona (I’m looking at you HRC) then they damn well better boycott California as well, simply to be consistent. If not, then their boycotts of Arizona are disingenuous and hypocritical.

  5. Molly says:

    If you’re looking for older gay men who’re awesome to interview, I would highly encourage getting in touch with the gentleman who performs as Darcelle XV here in Portland, OR.

  6. Elaine says:

    You were close, Fausto…

  7. Elaine says:

    On the Female Trouble quote, that is:

  8. Wow, the world is going to shit when we listen to Lady Gaga for advice. I wish the bitch would just shut the fuck up and sing. She had political statements to say after every song.
    She doesn’t live in AZ and she doesn’t have to deal with crime. Obama failed to secure the boarder so we need to protect our own families.

    • Illegal immigration in Arizona is Obama’s fault!? Are you serious!? More like a decades old problem that no one has dealt with. Let’s not ascribe all the fault to Obama for doing so would be lazy and stupid.

      Crime on the border and in Arizona has actually decreased.,8599,2007474,00.html?xid=rss-topstories&om_rid=DXn0aN&om_mid=_BMUsUfB8QwALIq&#ixzz0vUFuaYKP

      If the solution is to secure the border, how did SB1070 address that? When Jan Brewer was asked how SB1070 secured the border, she replied, “It doesn’t.”

      Doesn’t make sense to say we need to secure the border, then pass laws that fail to do exactly that.

      P.S. It’s spelled “border” not “boarder”

    • Daniel says:

      SB1070 just creates a police state, it won’t reduce any more crime. if more police= less crime, then reducing crime would be just a simple matter of having more police and giving them unlimited power. But sadly reducing crime is a complex issue, where police play a role, not the only role.

  9. Martha says:

    Active Protest involves BOYCOTTING! I like Miss Lady Ga-Ga, but I’ve learned that celebrities are the definitely NOT the people we should be learning about political activism from. I so wish she would have boycotted Arizona.

    • Did you advocate for boycotts of California after the people of California voted to take rights away from citizens? If you did not boycott California, or demand that others do the same thing, why not? (This is a serious question by the way. No one has answered me. Not the HRC, not GLAAD, no one.)

  10. Curtis says:

    Fausto I call FOUL! The reactionary conservative values anthem “The Greatest Love of All” (I Believe that Children are the Future) should never be a clarion call for Gays. In fact, the release of that single marked the moment that Whitney Houston lost me as a fan. drivel.

  11. Curtis says:

    I think in the case of Target a Gay boycott could be effective. Target is a company that is successful partly as a result of casting themselves as the hip trendy edgy design oriented (Gay?) discount chain. They’ve utilized and capitalized on the talents of Gay designers and Gay sensibilities to create their brand and in large part they have developed a customer base made of of people who would likely respond positively to Gay issues. Their support of the anti-Gay campaign puts them at odds with their own corporate image.

  12. Curtis says:

    Carrie’s powers are uncontrolled and come out during high stress moments when her emotions are heightened. The story is not about a powerful person with a sophisticated highly honed and controlled power, it’s a about the chaos of puberty, religious oppression, and her powers are extreme extensions of the crazed hormonal and emotional life of a teenager.

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