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Jul 6, 2011 · 1985 views

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Talking to the fabulous Mo’Nique– fresh from her remarkable performance at Pridefest Milwaukee. Mo’Nique is probably one of the most fabulous, sassiest women ever to win an Academy Award for her intense role in the […]


  1. Nick says:

    Did you ever see Stacy Lane Matthews’ impersonation of you and what did you think of it…

    How has life changed for you after your Oscar win?

    Do you plan on taking on a dramatic role again in the near future?

  2. ken says:

    are you still in talking terms with oprah (after she allows your molester to come forward on her show)?

    do you think tyler perry is gay?

  3. hugo says:

    Do you identify more as an actress or comedian and who were some of your influences in comedy?

  4. Steven says:

    Hey Mo’Nique!! You have demonstrated such versatility in your work and its most impressive. To go from “The Parkers” to “Precious” is simply a thing of beauty. Did you always have it in you to perform the way you did in Precious or was it something you had to cultivate over time? Going from Ms. Parker to Mary is astounding. Bravo!

  5. ben says:

    I always loved Saturday mornings with the Parkers on BET!

    And I wanted to ask – whenever you hear or read that Mo’nique travels with this huge entourage, what are people talking about and who do they mean? Do people exaggerate?

    (Good luck with your interview guys!!)

  6. Jaymes says:

    Mo’Nique you stand out as an actress who reused to be type-cast, I respect that tremendously. I can’t help but notice the sad decline in the amount of black actresses in Hollywood over recent years. When I grew up watching films I seen most actors of color relegated as the sassy friend or third victim in horror films. Do you think the cinema will ever return to the fantastic boom period like it had in the 70s and early 90’s?

  7. Rene Amador says:

    “The Parkers” was a successful hit for the then UPN running for a number of seasons, and the transition from stand-up comedy to sitcom can be a very daunting experience. Did you experience any difficulties in that transition, or any resistance from the producers and writers about what you had envisioned versus their interpretation similar to what Margaret Cho experienced? How did you deal with that, and what did you ultimately learn and take away from that?

  8. Robusta Capp says:

    Firstly, I wanted to thank you for being a beacon of hope for me as a plus sized man of color looking to make it in entertainment business. Have you experienced any racism or size-ism -subtle or otherwise- from Hollywood? Also, WHO DOES YOUR HAIR?! YOU ARE FIERCE!!!

  9. Thanks guys! We’ve done the interview already.

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