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Mar 11, 2014 · 1985 views

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Talking to Australia’s favorite drag queen Courtney Act, now one of the front-runners on this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. As Shane Jenek, Courtney Act was a semi-finalist on the first season of Australian Idol, […]


  1. YCantIBU says:

    test, please ignore

  2. Armando Gallegos says:

    As I was listening to NPR, I heard that reality tv contestants put on a mask to show a personality that is not really theirs in order to appear likable, funny, bitchy, etc. However, as the competition progresses, this mask peels and the contestants reveal their true identities. We have only seen 3 episodes of this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, so is it fair to assume that some personalities will change? Or do the contestants show their true intentions at the beginning?

    Also, how does Courtney herself expect to benefit from the expose in the show? What exciting opportunities would she like to pursue besides singing?

  3. Steven Palmer says:

    Courtney, I was extremely impressed with your discussion of sex and sexuality. Since the airing of episode 2 I have used the “two-party preferred system just doesn’t work” metaphor often. However, I was a bit concerned that by episode 3 the discussion of having a “kai kai” seemed to cause several of the girls to react very critically.

    My question is: why is having a kai kai any different than having sex with a man while one partner is in drag?

    P.S: You rock my socks “in or out of geesh (spelling?)”

  4. Courtney, would you consider doing a tour of Boys Like Me?

    I understand from an interview that you started doing drag mere months before Australian Idol. As someone who never had an opportunity to watch you there, what was that experience like, especially so early in your drag career?

  5. Hi Courtney! Had a wonderful time at Boys Like Me in Sydney. You definitely have no shortage of entertaining stories! But that got me wondering, what is the most outrageous anecdote you have that you didn’t share in Boys Like Me and that you don’t spill on RuPaul’s Drag Race?

  6. Courtney Act!

    I’ve got 2 for you.

    1) I’ve had the extreme privileged of seeing you perform at the Stonewall in Sydney and was surprised people didn’t tip. Can you explain to us Americans the system in Oz?

    2) If you could perform at any venue in the world AND get tips, where would you and why?

  7. Justin Stuckel says:

    Hey Courtney, you’re my number 1 and I’m pulling for you this season. It’s hard to disagree with Willam having the most popular music out of any RPDR queen, any chance of a collaboration between you two. (And if this hasn’t already been covered in the podcast) whats the progress on your album?

    Excited to see you in May! lots of love.


  8. readtofilth says:

    Given you’ve performed together in the past, when can we expect another collaboration with Ms. Adele Dazeem…I mean, Idina Menzel?

    And do you think gaining recognition and a devoted fanbase in the US will be easier or harder for you than Kylie Minogue?

  9. Sergio P says:

    Courtney were you ever in drag during your time in American Idol Australia? If so how were people’s reaction and acceptance towards a drag queen on a prime time reality show? Please talk about your experiences in drag while doing American Idol.

    Much love from Dallas Texas!

  10. Karl says:

    Ask her how she feels about drag children!!

  11. CalicoJane says:

    I love your views on the spectrum of gender and sexuality. Hooray for all of us in the rainbow! I wondered where does Courtney, as compared to Shane, fall on that spectrum? Have women ever propositioned you as Courtney? If so, how did you react?

  12. Mark says:

    Courtney, do you think your appearance on Australian Idol was too soon? Was Australian society not ready to accept and embrase an open member of the LGBT community? Are you happy that you’ve been more succeeful than most of the contestants who made the top 12? Although I’m not a Drag Queen, seeing you on TV when I was 12 helped me with accepting myself. Thank you.

  13. IDK if it is too late but:

    1 where is your favorite place to perform in LA (so I can see you there)
    2. what is your ideal date (I need a few tips and would love some ideas from someone as devious as you angel!)

  14. since there has been no podcast so far, are we to assume…

  15. We need Ru-girls in Norway!! Living through Feast of fun, Netflix and Youtube..
    Thank god for flights and good UK bookers that get people like Willam and Alyssa Edwards over!

  16. Kevin says:

    Hey Courtney,

    how did you make your klaus nomi-outfit?
    which material are the hairs?


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