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I don’t think my pit bull would react well to armor… I looked up that feast of fools beer and one of the decriptions has something like... » More

On FOF #676 – Armor Plated Pitbulls

I agree that it is interesting about the kind of separation that occurs sometimes within GLBT communities – I really don’t know how to explain it... » More

On FOF #661 – Coming Together

What an interesing guest – I’ve never heard of her but I’ll have to seek out the videos.. I’m glad that Aleyxss has kept pushing... » More

On FOF #658 – Alexyss Power

I loved the poetry in this episode – especially Blue Blanket. I stopped in my tracks as soon as it started. I could feel... » More

On FOF #654 – Word Warriors

wonderful – almost makes me want to be a vampire.. » More

On DJ Bobo, “Vampires Are Alive”