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Gay Podcasting Celebrities Meet With Their Fans in New York City

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Michael A. Brazell, Media Coordinator 757-270-0413 media [at] feastoffools [dot] net (email has been modified to reduce spam) GAY PODCASTING CELEBRITIES MEET WITH THEIR FANS IN NEW YORK CITY CHICAGO, […]

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FOF #285 – Woman on a Road

Lesbian folksinger Ferron bought her first guitar as a young woman from cutting grass for $1 an hour. She was so nervous at her first gig, she could barely stand up to play. Through the […]

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FOF #284 – Swim or Swallow

Fish tits, the memorable NYC drag queen Aquadesia, also known as best-selling author Josh Killmer-Purcell joins us in the house today for an irreverent debate with PETA activist Mike Brazell about vegetarianism, using animals in […]

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FOF #283 – The Man Who Put the F.U. in Funny

Bruce Vilanch put the F. U. in funny for a lot of folks. And boy does he on todays podcast! Bruce comes on the show today to talk about why he’s coming to Chicago in […]

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FOF #282 – Diva Temper Tantrum

People tend to overuse the word “Diva.”But sometimes, the title seems fitting. It ceertainly does in Miss Ronnie’s case. She is “la bomba atomica” of podcasting. And people, stand back! Cause Ronnie is MAD for […]

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FOF #281 – Over Easy

Today Marc and Fausto do what is unheard of in the podcasting world-they leave the house! Yes they really do. Ronnie calls us up early, well, early for us and invites us to take a […]

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FOF #280 – Nine Years of Insanity

The Feast of Fools is a podcast that simply will not die.Show after show, year after year, we’ve gone from being a drag show at some local gay bar, to a wacky play, a musical […]

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FOF #279 – Gay For Play

The world’s most beautiful woman (on the internet) Victoria Lamarr joins us today to talk about the personal costs of being out and gay in any profession, but especially in show business. There are some […]

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FOF #278 – The Sensuous Mexican Woman

This is what happens when you don’t plan out your show. Today, Miss Ronnie, Marc and Fausto fly blind into the eye of the podcasting storm by playing some of their favorite music and talking […]

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FOF #276 – Osaka Hernandez’s Weddings

Osaka Hernandez had a huge following in Japan. If Selena was the “Madonna” of Tejano music, then Osaka was considered to be the “Cyndi Lauper.” Okay, Osaka was a fabulous drag queen and never sang […]

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